Monday, July 29, 2013

Put Down That Damned Shovel and Stop Digging - I Am Still Here (Barely)

I can guess what some of you may have been word from me for word from Gussie...not a peep from the Fabulous Finches.........ominous.

Sorry if I have worried you or if you have felt deprived.  I have been showered and overwhelmed with various varieties of dung and have not yet dug myself out.  (toss me that shovel you were using to dig the grave.....I could use it.)

I do not believe this trial by shit is going to prove fatal, but it is taking all my focus and energy so don't give up on me...... I will be back.

Just do not want you to worry.



  1. Thanks, I was starting to worry!

  2. Hope you get it all cleaned up soon. As the child who was an optimist said, "with all this crap, i know there's a pony in here somewhere!"

  3. Being covered with dung: amazing how much of a common experience that is.

    I HAVE been thinking of you.

    Shovels and Hugs,


  4. Curiously, time goes quickly when we're having fun, but it slows to an unmerciful crawl when we're going through unfortunate circumstances.