Saturday, September 7, 2013

Oh, Joy, Oh Fulfillment........Lo Is No Longer Catless

Ahhhhh, that awful empty space in my heart is filling with warm, furry bliss..........a cat who will cuddle, play with my toes through the blanket, rub her chin against my hand,let me pet her incessantly and even purr a little.......what a difference a cat makes.

I went to meet Pauline The Cat as nervous as I used to  be when  going out on a blind date.  Go ahead, you can laugh at me.....I don't care, that is how I am.......I am not a hugely needy person, but God knows, I have learned that I need a cat. 

Actually the excursion was a double pleasure because Laurel, my  friend and Vet, had brought Winnie in to show off her new slimmer figure and I got to hug her and murmur sweet nothings in her ear.  It was sort of  bittersweet because Winnie hardly remembered me and preferred the safety of Laurel's arms to mine, but that was OK.....I was happy that she had bonded so well with Laurel.

Next Laurel reappeared clutching a precious tabby.....a true Kliban cat, black and grey stripes and an utterly beautiful face with white hightlights.  No messing around, plunk, right into my lap where Paulie settled and proceeded to alternate between peering up at me and hiding her face in the crook of my elbow.......totally like a cat.  Love at first sight for me...but would it be unrequited???  I would have to wait and see.

Home we went whereupon I let her into my bedroom (equipped with food, water and kitty box, kitty bed and a safe place to hide behind the bed, and, of course, that is where she headed and remained for the rest of the day, and, being a wise old cat lady, that is where I left her undisturbed.  I went to bed about 11 and was lying there trying to get drowsy when, wonder of wonders, I felt something (?) jump up on the bed near my feet.  There ensued   about 15 minutes of having her play with my toes (one of my talents is wiggling my toes enticingly under the quilt)  and then she bravely ventured withing head petting, tickling, neck scratching distance and we spent about an hour or two at this wonderful pastime of cuddling on top of and under the covers.  

Some of you may think I am a fickle wretch to be so willing and able to love a new critter so soon after losing my precious Gussie, but I think Gus would approve.........I can no longer do anything for Gussie, this is a cat who needs me and, heaven knows, I need her, so it is all a good thing.  

We are now into day 2 and she ate a bit this morning.......I am concerned about her eating  because she had been starving herself to death when Laurel rescued her and saved her by putting in a feeding tube.  She is now a big solid almost chubby fur ball, but, being a typical Jewish mother, all I can do is shriek, plead and murmur, "Eat, Eat, meinkindt."    (much hand wringing accompanies this scene).  I am forbidden to offer her tuna, chicken, grilled liver or baked ham and must suffer to sticking with the special kibble Laurel sent home with me, but I am hoping that some day that may change.  Meanwhile we will schlepp along as is and hope for the best.  

Right now Paulie is exploring the entire house......I have opened the bedroom door and am letting her have the run of the place and, oy, so much sniffing and creeping around with nose to the ground, sly opening of every cupboard door, a bit ofjumping up here and there to check out the coziness of the couch and a great deal of rubbing against Ann's ankles which pleases me because it tells me she is already feeling safe and unthreatened.  Sigh.  I am so grateful that this seems to be working out for both our sakes.
Needless to say.......there will be more on this subject, but for now, this little update will have to do.

Thank you all for your sweet sympathy and good meant a lot to me to know you were with me in spirit.  I promise to take some photos soon.

The Cat Lady of Califa St.


  1. This just makes me smile. And feel happy.
    Yes and yes and very much YES! Give her a tickle under her pretty little chin for me.

  2. Not only a cat, but a Kliban cat. They have super powers. A long and happy life to both of you.

  3. Yay! So happy for you! Felines are indeed magnificent, but of course you know this. But i'll wax ecstatic anyway a little. Those sweet hear everything ears! The loving when they want to be, and standoff-ish when they want to be expressive eyes! Those gorgeous, highly functional feet. Foot pads, claws, awesome toesies! And the purr. One of the best sounds in the whole universe. Okay i'll shut up now. Congratulations on no longer being catless, and getting a huge dose of kitty love!!

  4. So happy for you. :) Truly. You make me think maybe this barred heart that has only kept memories of Kitty Baby in can once again open and air itself, allowing someone new to freshen the spaces and bring in some light. I know Kitty would approve. She was INCREDIBLY loving. Thank you.

  5. Isn't it wonderful how a little bit of fluff can lift our spirits? I'm glad your new kitty seems to be accepting her new home and human.

  6. Congratulations on the new addition, Lo! Pets are invaluable friends!

  7. No, you aren't fickle. You haven't stopped loving Gussie, but her love can no longer grow and warm you each day and bring you the fresh delight of her actual presence each day. For that, you need Pauline, so this is a good thing.

  8. Welcome to Lo's house and heart Paulie. Much joy for you both.

  9. That's brilliant, she seems to have settled in very quickly which is always a blessing. I'm not a needy person but I also need a cat. There's something so easy and rewarding about them. They're soft and strokeable, and playful, and so many things besides. I am very happy for you both.

  10. Lucky cat and lucky Lo. Just feels right, doesn't it, to have that companion?

  11. Oh how sweet is a home ruled by a cat. And it soon will be as you are well aware. My Little Puss is sitting right by the computer as I type, just purring away. You are so smart and knew she would go right under the bed. She didn't stay long though. Must have known there were toes up there under the covers. Ha

  12. I've been patiently waiting for this post and am so pleased for you. Has she spotted the finches yet?