Saturday, September 20, 2014

another go round with . The Dragon

they can go to ..... okay that is.....ugh

 up up 

I have just been through two days of absolute cattle up up up….No not cattle… And don't forget that when I laugh Dragon interprets that as "up"…… As I was trying to say, I have been through absolute hell with an infected computer… It was so sick the computer Dr. had to take it home and operate on icrap what happened here t surgically. He brought it back yesterday but I think it's missing a few parts and possibly the main components of Vince Braden will well oh, oh….I was sure that in Tuesday… I was trying to say the main components of its brain. God it….Not quite….Got it.

Omifod........ oh dear, I'm afraid it's going to be a long cold winter. However, I cannot give up yet….If I could only get this thing going properly to make it possible for me to  b LOG….Or whatever you call this abomination. How do you like that, it does fine with abomination and fails miserably with blog (manually typed by me….I have to teach it a lot of words).

 I am coming to you today at tattered rep… No,,,,, rack rank you you're giving up? I wonder if I can spell a word…… WRECK.  Finally! I can see that I'm going to end up even more of a double you are he see K then I was before. In fact, we can't go on like this. I will do some more work teaching Dragon before we are fully operational.

Meanwhile, garbage though it may be, you cannot accuse me of not posting.

More later.

Love the low… Shall we try that again?
Love, LO


  1. Let me be the first to say, up up up up!

  2. Saying up, up, up here, too, Lo! This post finally got me to delurk; you make a party out of anything, even technology! (found you via Pearl's blog)

  3. You always make me smile. Love YOU, Ms. Lo. Never Ms. Low.

  4. Up, up, up! Only the coolest of folk will know what it means!
    Love you, Lo!

  5. Up, up, that's so funny. "I up uped a stitch in my side.' Hmmm, though, "I up uped my guts out" does need work.

  6. Your computer is funny--it made me UP!!

  7. Goodness. Glad your computer is back from the shop... I hope it is done acting up up up.

  8. Not a wasted post as it made me laugh. Keep going Lo and you'll get there.