Saturday, June 4, 2011

Horrors....a Huge Error and an Abject Apology

Short and to the point.

Ugh.  Red faced I beg your forgiveness........ I have had some uneasy moments since using the word "misogynist" in my blog the other day to describe my hermit-like, people avoiding behavior.  Something told me I was misusing the word so I just Googled it and, Oy, am I embarrassed.

According to the various definitions the word rally means "woman hater" and that is absolutely NOT what I am nor what I intended to convey.  I am not sure at this moment what word I should have used but I want to proclaim to the world that I am definitely not a woman hater....To paraphrase Henry Higgins, I happen to think we are a Marvelous sex.  For fear of getting my foot stuck in my mouth permanently I will not go any further.

Please forgive me if I misled anyone, disappointed anyone  or wounded any of my lovely female readers.   Sob.  I love words, but someday I fear they may be the death of me......

And while I am apologizing,   I must beg everyone's pardon for doing such a lousy job of trying to be last blog where I mused about virtues/sins/heaven really went afield and some of you thought I was serious about it all. 

Goldurnit....don't you guys know when I am just funnin' with you?  Again, sorry if I misled you or offended anyone.  I WILL try to do better in the future.  But don't matter how badly I screw up, I will not quit.


  1. No offense, and somehow in spite of the word misuse i understood what you meant. It happens to all of us once in a while.

  2. One of the joys of writing is being able to discover just how many people can't wait to point out how you've screwed up! Kind of broadens the community beyond the three women at the cauldron; don't you think? If you're looking for perfection, each time, you'd never be able to blog. No offense taken (although, I did take note!) and expect to do the same, myself. Love your postings and I do hope you're having them put in a book for the next generations... Come visit when you can.

  3. Had to go back to the "offending post" as I'm just catching up! No offense here. I knew what you meant and can't think of the correct word either.

    I agree with the value of on-line friends. I never have to say: "shut up a minute so I can talk", or "whew! smokers stink", or anything like that. And if I do say something I would regret, I just have to delete it before sending. Of course, XOXOXO isn't the same as a warm hug and a good smootch, we have to find that elsewhere.

  4. No worries... I still love you ~

  5. I know what word(s) you are searching for:
    massage in jest: enjoyment of a serious body rub by a comedian.

    Use of the phrase:
    Lo enjoys a massage in jest on a regular basis from Lenny.

    You are welcome.

  6. So seriously - I just thought a misogynist was someone who did not like people in general.
    Learn something every day.

  7. Don't worry Lo, I certainly didn't take offense. Glad you are going to keep going, quite right too. x

  8. You need to forget offending anyone. We are all eager for something different. I just wrote a piece about my first sex experiences on Abraham Lincoln's Blog. That was embarrassing, at the time.

  9. You might have been thinking "misanthrope." Many people skate right past "misogynist," get the drift, and carry on. But I too have used a word I thought I knew, gotten curious at the last moment, and realized I said something I didn't mean to. So you're in good company!

  10. Very remiss of me not to have visited you sooner, Bo. Need to thank you for your visits to me.

    Reading your profile I am put to shame-thought I have had a full life but my lord!

    I will come back and trawl backwards later. I can see that some of your posts merit concentration.

  11. Lo,
    Take no prisoners and make no apologies. Laugh.

    I still and always adore you.


  12. You've been a busy writer lately! Somehow I missed the post in question, but I just read it, and I join with your other blog friends in saying, "No worries."

  13. I am visiting from murrmurrs and read this post. To give you heart:

    For years, I have been telling my doctors that I "malinger," thinking that I was conveying how I was lingering "mal-ly" (i.e., suffering slowly and painfully despite their lame efforts to treat, let alone cure me), when the word--basically--means "faker."


    Yet, we are not thwarted. We continue our struggle to share those nuances of what-we-mean in order to hear I-know-how-you-feel.

    And trust me, Lo... you may not know me and I may not know you, but I know how you feel.

    I look forward to subscribing to your blog.