Sunday, October 16, 2011

And, Furthermore.......

When I finished my recent rant about the fact that, in today's world, you can hardly believe a word of anything  that is put forth by any of the media since they seem to have forgotten the difference between truth and lies , I was hardly ranted out.  To go further, they have also managed to avoid, ignore or forget the fact that it used to be their job to put out for public edification as much of the objective truth  as they could manage to establish and express.  Oh sure, the Editors and/or the Owners usually managed to impose their slant on things but still outright lies and fiction were rarely resorted to.  The focus seems to have changed from fact to fiction, and I have already said a lot in my last blog regarding how I feel about this turn of events.

Feh!  and Patoooooey!   (You have to visualize my target, the brass spittoon in the corner.)

What is giving me a hissey fit today is the incomprehensible fact that, with a thousand and one telephone type devices proliferating like rabbits, and  everyone having pockets full of them, people have all decided that they don't ever have to answer any of them if they damned well please not to do so.   Being that everyone I see on the street, in their cars and at the supermarket is always talking to someone I can only assume that some folks out there must be answering their phones, so maybe it's just the people that I call who prefer to let me leave a message so they can decide at their leisure whether or not they want to bother talking to ME.

Who's  No way!    Of course, I may be old fashioned, but it seems very disrespectful to fail to respond to a phone call when you are perfectly able to do so simply because you'd rather screen the calls and prioritize which ones deserve your attention.  It is doubly insulting nowadays when we have caller-id and you know you are being ignored on purpose. Faugh!  My contempt for such goings-on is unbounded.  And a lot of good that does me.  But I am not going down without a shriek.  Eeeeeeeek!  There....I feel a mite better.

This behavior has annoyed the hell out of me numerous times recently, but I am really pissed off this week because circumstances have sort of led to me playing a Saint Theresa act and the final good deed I was working on was trying to get a gift delivered to a bridal shower I was unable to attend.  All I wanted was to drop it off to a family member  who was going to be there.  Over a period of 2 or 3 days I sent several emails to the one who was hosting the shower, also several phone calls with messages to her, several phone calls with messages to her Mother and even a desperation email to her husband.  Timely responses = 0.   Bah, humbug.  I have put that  St. Theresa outfit into the bag for the Goodwill and have dug out my Evil Witch garb for use from now on.  Gosh and golly,  I still remember the days when we would all (even the old folks) run at life-threatening speed up or down several flights of stairs to answer the phone before the caller hung up.  In those days a phone call was next best thing to a hug.....a gesture that someone wanted or needed to speak to you..........not so  any more, I guess.   The easier the means of access the more difficult it is to make contact, it seems.

However, my dear ones, I am not going to leave you with the memory of this embittered creature who appears to have handcuffed herself to the complaint department desk permanently.  I have  temporarily unlocked myself to deliver ecstatic news to those fans and admirers of the Delicious Mark Harmon.  A recent made for TV movie starring the beautiful one has been made and will be shown on November 6, a Sunday nite at 9 pm on channel 105......I think it is USA or ION or some a bit of research yourselves  though I expect there will be considerable interruptions of programming to tell you about it.     It is a mystery/detective plot based on John Sanford's novel "Certain Prey" and features a rather interesting and charming Policeman  named, I believe, Lucas Davenport.  I have read a gazillion of Sanford's series all of which feature the very bright and appealing and ruggedly sexy cop and the buzz is that if this first one makes it big there may be a slew to follow.  Oh, Lord, please oversee this effort kindly and don't let it end up being a load of bullpucky.  There are so many good souls out here who deserve to have the dark clouds chased away and  their spirits lightened by a couple of hours of really enjoyable TV.    (I guess even if the script is not very good we can always put it on "mute" and just watch the pictures......or at least I can, but you must remember how easy I am to please when it comes to the comely MH).

Let all the clan (you know who you are , (all 4 0r 5 of you) send good thoughts to whatever place you think they will do the most good.    I have already begun my efforts and my vigil.


  1. Lo, Whooray for a sensible blogger, that's you....
    I am just about to clear a lot of my blogs I follow but rest assured you will not be one of them.
    I get fed up with drivel being posted and cannot agree with you more on the communication score.
    Lucas Davenport is one of Tom's favourite characters but I wonder if we will get the new programme here?
    Keep venting your grouses and good to you....
    Keep well, I need to read at least one decent post now and again.

  2. One of the things I love about my children is that they always answer the phone when I call.
    This IS rare these days.
    I think everyone texts.

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  4. Amen to your telephone observation, Lo. I bitch about the very same behavior and am glad to have you in my company.

  5. Frankly, I think this instant communication phase needs to be excised. Who the f--- wants someone invading their life every few seconds. (I have a friend who manages to clock close to 200 minutes a DAY with nonstop phoning of children and back and forth. I loved the old days when you had to be in the house to get bothered.

    Now, for your problem, there is no excuse for not getting back to you re the gift. This was an expected social occasion and they should have been on the alert for anything that might happen -- which, of course, would have been discovered through a phone call! Rant on. Rant on.

  6. If, for whatever reason, i cannot get to the phone right away (because i am indisposed in the powder room, for example), i consider it my duty to return the call immediately upon becoming non-indisposed.

    Hope the movie turns out to be all you ask of it.

  7. And now I must clean the drool off my keyboard...

  8. Oh, Lo, I'm so guilty of this. Not of screening calls based on who's calling, but just feeling like I need a little space to not be answering the phone all of the time, and want to focus on one thing at at time rather than being interrupted. I would so much rather e-mail than answer the phone. (But the gift situation, now that's not very polite!)

  9. We screen calls. We used to have an answering machine "thing" that warned people not to call unless they wanted to talk to us personally. And if they didn't then they are going to be reported to some government place that prosecutes these spammers.

  10. My Dear Lo,

    There is just a lack of decency and good manners in general these days. I must say I just despise cell phones. Period. I am SO TIRED of being assaulted with other people's personal conversations and their 1000-decibel personalized ringtones.

    Sorry I haven't been around more, and I very much appreciate your comments on my blog, but we have new leadership at the helm here in the office, and I have been forced into a lot of marketing work, on top of the documentation work I have already been doing. We have an upcoming conference, and I am swamped.

    I hope this comment is at least partially coherent, and I hope you have a good weekend.

    Much love,


  11. I answer the phone with great expectations! I am seldom disappointed. Whether is be one of my kids, grandkids, friends, I am always so glad I answered the phone. I think it is so rude to disregard calls, Whatever, or whoever, the call is about,the caller wants to talk to YOU! I must still be good for something!!

  12. I do like your sound effects when written down. My phone never rings so not a problem really. I still wish you lived on this street.

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  14. Sorry, Lois - that is annoying!!! And I also love Mark Harmon :)