Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ruthless I May Be, But Not Heartless

This is, I hope, the last chapter on my knock-down drag-out catfight with a poor girl whose posting on Facebook caused me to lose my temper and behave badly.  I am, I hope, never too proud, or too arrogant to say I am sorry and, after thinking over the situation I decided that an apology might be the right thing to offer someone who was expressing a back-assed effort to quit smoking.  I still deplore her smarmy attitude and approach to the subject, and I am still rankling just a wee bit  from being called a "shrivelling prune", (who, ME????) but I am way above and beyond letting insults which I may have provoked bring me down and I am, as much as possible, always gung ho to reach across the line and do the right thing.  Consequently, it may please and relieve my fans to note the following apology I just submitted.

" Dear Selena : I apologize for what may have seemed like my harsh words earlier. I am a "saved" 4 pack a day ex-smoker myself. Additionally, I nursed my husband thru a crippling stroke (partially caused by his smoking) and lost him to lung cancer from his smoking so I do have the credentials to be down on taking smoking lightly. If I hurt you, please forgive. I wish you good luck in your struggle. "

It is interesting to me that it took 3 blogs to actually complete this verbal adventure.  I also want to stress that the lesson in all of this, (if anyone cares to know what I have learned and relearned during my life ) is simply that a person, even one who may consider themselves absolutely in the right on a position, should always review the circumstances objectively and honestly and, given any case where a person may have hurt another person unintentionally (or even more to the point  - intentionally ), it is vital that a person simply say "I'm sorry".    As far as I am concerned those are the two 2nd most important words in the English (and every other) language............. after "I love you".

Nuff said.


  1. ...but bet you didn't get an apology for her calling you a 'shrivelled prune'! Looking at your image, I don't see a erinkle in sight (not even the fabled 'crows feet' under the eyes!)- so unless this is an avatar I'd say you are a VERY well-preserved octogeneration!('tis only numbers anyway, and as Mae West famously said 'You're only as old as the man you feel'!)Well, maybe I'm a bit biased, as I DO prefer the more 'mature' lady! Let it flow like the proverbial water over the duck's rear end, dear Lo

  2. I've just completed three and a half years smokefree after my two packs a day habit. I do not feel any different. I still want a cigarette with a glass of wine..or five. Why can't they invent cigarettes that are good ffor you?