Friday, March 1, 2013

Holy Moly......This BlogGrammy Is So Heavy !

I am a bit  bemused today....last night I ordered in some lovely Chinese food (Honey Walnut Shrimp and MuShu Chicken......blessings from heaven and Bamboo Village) and, of course there were Fortune Cookies.

One was perplexing and a bit unsettling or maybe encouraging.....I don't know which   
                                                                                                              IT'S NOT THE END YET...

Actually, that is the kind of thing an 85 year old likes to hear.

The other one made me chortle.  (I love that word) 


The answer to that one is easy.......BOTH, of course, if you are offering.  
It would only be "neither" if the choice  required an answer to a question  like, "would you have sex with him for......?

But enough of this shilly-shallying..........I am totally ferblundget today.  (That, I believe, is somewhere  between fercocktah and ferdreydt).  (  If my beloved Mama were only here she could correct my spelling on those,,,,,,, I do not think spellcheck would  be up to it. )

Why, you ask, am I ferblundget?  Well, this has been a momentous week of firsts for me both in the way of experiences and honors.   You probably all know that I summoned up my courage and published a singing video blog earlier this week and that did leave me a mite weak in the knees at my seeming arrogance not to mention with a monstrous shiver of apprehension as to how it would be received.  

The truth is, even though I was married to a jazz musician with a band, I have never sung in public in my whole gonsa life. (of course, that does not count singing The Star Spangled Banner with the class in Assembly or Take Me Out to the  Ball Game).  I have always loved music and have sung for my own pleasure only and the  idea of singing in front of even one person would have completely nonplussed....nay.....paralyzed me when I was younger.   I really do not remember how this whole singing for my beloved followers developed and I am too lazy to go back and research how it all began.  But, it seems to me that I innocently promised it somewhere along the line and I try never to break a promise.  Then when the roadblocks developed to my accomplishing this feat technically.....well.....being the stubborn bulldog that I am, the die was surely cast. And so, I did  it.

All of which leads me to this morning, when I was still basking in the glow of your delightful, enthusiastic, (if muchly undeserved ) comments and praise,  You are all angels and I love you dearly.  Your support has meant a great deal to me.......words cannot express.......I was actually prepared for a few polite catcalls and snickers and to my amazement and delight did not detect a single one.  So THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart.  (Bow, bow, curtsy,  flinging of kisses here while  I clutch your cyber bouquets to my ample bosom and skip lightly off of the stage without tripping and/or falling down )

Before you start clamoring for more, I must tell you that I will, indeed, sing to you again........perhaps more often than desirable or necessary even, but there are still a few technical bugs I want to iron out first so you will have to dine on nothing but my mostly edible words for a while.

********And now the the other HUGE event.   And I can hardly speak intelligibly about this.*******

This morning, one of my blogging Idols, the incredible, brilliant, lovable  Joe Hagy of Cranky Old Man
handed me the biggest honor of my life, a combination Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, People's Choice award when he devoted his blog to me, praised me to the heavens
(and recruited a whole bunch of new followers to my site.)  I told him and I repeat it here.......there are simply no words to describe how I feel much less to thank him properly.  However, if you happen to be so wretchedly deprived as to not know of his fantastic, perceptive,intelligent, FUNNY writings, run- do not walk to:

Now I have to go and lie down and put cold cloths on my feverish head.  What a day this has been.......hmmmmm.......that reminds me of one of my favorite songs.......look for it in your future is called "Almost Like Being In Love".