Saturday, December 31, 2011

.......Hell and Damn.........Last Day & Blog of 2011 and Nuthin' To Say

Horrors!  I guess I will have to finish off the year with something old and familiar because I cannot summon the Muse.......lots of stuff going on, some good, some bad, but I can't organize my thoughts at all right now, so bear with me, folks.

I am still shlepping along  (and that's a good thing) so the odds are fair that you will get some decent blogs out of me in the new year. just no goodies to wind up the old one.

I must say I am grateful for having made it through another one and am looking forward to doing it again and wishing you all the same.

Meanwhile, in tribute to my old friend, Dorothy, who taught me most of the dirty words I know, let me just say,
                                                          "Shit, Piss, Fuck"

                 to all of the Bad Guys and the Bad Things That Happen.

  May the new year give none of us any cause to utter that beloved phrase in anything but triumph.