Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Effing Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Mini-Blog...or.... The Wisdom of Da Feet (Damn, the title will be longer than the blog)

Yesterday I remember telling you of my plight in which I create in my mind a magnificent paragraph for a blog while I am lying in bed waiting to go to sleep, and, being too lazy to get up and schlepp to the dining room where the laptop lives, I try to brand into my brain a few keywords that will enable me to recreate same the next morning.  As you all already know, (why do I keep telling you things that I know you already know?....sure sign of approaching senility I fear)..... next morning this does not work so then the perfection has slipped away leaving you with a few disparate keywords and the need to recreate the whole thing from scratch if you can and not nearly as perfectly as when it appeared in your mind the night before. 

Since yesterday, I suspect that things have gotten worse for me, or, perhaps I have gotten a bit smarter.  (not sure if this is possible)(no, no I did not mean it that way....remember I am nothing if not humble)  .   I have decided that whenever a bloggable thought strikes me, I will stop whatever I am doing and sit down immediately at the computer and record it in all of its glorious perfection or rough imperfection even.....I just got a new take on the situation, and I have found that it is  better to write something down today, right now, this very minute than lament its passing and loss till the end of time. HelI, I  am 85 and do not have that much time to waste waiting around for the right moment.  

Hence, I have invented the above titled Thingy which we will call a mini-blog for convenince sake and this is my first.....I think.

Now, what in hell was I going to write about?  Ah, yes.  It's like this, the decades slip by you may find yourself in the same place where I am finding myself.........  In the middle of somewhwere or nowhere asking yourself what did I come in here for?  Of course, I know many or most......nah.....probably all of you have already  been there, done that and are nodding in boredom daring me to tell you something new.

 Well, I just got a new take on the situation, and I actually  found myself asking my feet for information.  I have no idea why my feet brought me to where I am, but perhaps Feet know..

"Feet", I said   "would you please go back and ask Brain what its intention was when it sent you that last message."

Obviously, the brain had something in mind to send my feet an order to take the rest of me from the kitchen sink, where I was preparing Gussie's Breakfast Smoothy, to the living room beside my reclining chair.......what could it possible have been?  Finally, I got a message back from my Feet which told me to look down......that was the  best that Feet could do since Feet and Brain do not always speak the same language and stuff does get lost in translation.

Well, if nothing else, I know how to follow orders, even from Feet,  so I looked down and saw Gussie's dinner dish which I had left thru the nite in case she needed a snack from her leftovers before breakfast.  Aha. the dish.....that was it......I needed the dish to dish up the Breasklfast Smoothie.

The point of all this nonsense is an odd and amazing piece of advice from the Old time you find yourself in some strange place wondering why in the hell your feet took you there......hell,......just ask them.