Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ta Da!

Well, so far my timid efforts at exposing myself naked to the blogworld (vocally that is) have not brought total disaster....yet.  Several people have said "Ha, ha, ha" but I, in my naivette, have taken that to be a sign of glee or  pleasure and not derision.  And when I say "naked" I want you to know that it is not an easy thing to stand up here and sing, A Cappella yet, for an unknown, or perhaps I should say an unseen audience.  For a shy and retiring flower such as myself, learning how to accomplish this massive feat of making a fool of myself in public it takes the summoning up of courage beyond measure.......or just foolishness, I don't know which.

Anyway, dear hearts.........due to your insisting and the fact that I had to devote several weeks of my life to figuring out the "how" of this I intend to try to entertain you in one way or another whether you like it or not.
Whether you are laughing at me or with me, it's OK.  As long as you are amused.  Knowing me, as you should  by now, you surely know that I never waste anything.......well, I am not sure about the 4 years I spent in college........I cannot quantify what I got out of that besides  learning new ways to suffer.......not so with the course I just finished in VideoBlog 101......that is paying off bigtime. 

In my last blog I gave you a smattering of what I had to I resolved to try to produce a full length song so I fetched a chair out by the pool, deposited myself in it and geared up to try shooting a bit of my garden while I warbled usual, Gussie appeared briefly to see what I was up to and as soon as she heard me trying to sing she couldn't escape fast enough.  However, I did catch her for a few moments...out of focus and a bit catywampus......much like my singing.  Upon playback I noticed, sadly, that I succeeded in holding the camera at a weird angle here and there and also managed to hit a few notes that seem to  belong in some other song altogether, but perfection is not within my grasp so I must  be satisfied with small gains.......perhaps I will improve with practice and, egad, I just remembered that there is still one more singing lesson in the package that I have not yet worked on, so, hell and damn, I might yet find Doris Day buried in there somewhere in the vicinity of my larynx.  I am totally ready to be surprised.

As for you out there......I hope you are ready for whatever.'s all your fault. Sigh.  I must be out of my friggin' mind.