Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update In Which My Hero Does Not Disappoint

Gadzooks........wonders never cease.......

My loyal old followers may remember that just about a year ago (may 31, 2011 to be exact) I published a blog about a kind of miracle that fell on me when I got a chance to meet my idol and hero, Magic Johnson,
while enjoying a birthday lunch with a friend.  If anyone missed that blog and cares to check it out. just go back to the old blog  of May, 31, 2011 (called "I MUST Have a Guardian Angel) and you will be right up to date on things.  For those of you who remember it almost as if it were yesterday, the photo and punch line below will refresh your memories even better.

   "And, now, for those of you who may not believe in may want to rethink that....

And, by the, I am not sitting down.....I am that short and he is that tall !"


Well, about a month ago I heard the amazing news that my idol had  felt the need todo some more good in the world and had gone and purchased the LA Dodgers baseball team, an event that  made me shout, "Huzzah".  (The Dodgers have been sorely in need of some magic for some time.....sorry about the pun).

Being one who believes strongly in giving praise where praise is due, I naturally seized my pen and dashed off a letter to Mr. Earvin "Magic" Johnson at his corporate headquarters lavishing thanks, approval and other good stuff upon my hero.  I also included a copy of the photo and a brief reminder of how we had met (on the off chance that he might have forgotten) just so he would know he should not consider me a total stranger and therefore my opinions and declarations of devotion could be trusted.

If I say so myself, I am a pretty damned good letter writer, so I must admit I had some hopes of perhaps receiving a letter back from his secretary thanking me.  I have been surreptitiously checking all incoming mail for an official looking envelope from Magic's company, but, alas, nothing has appeared in my mailbox and I put it down to his being very busy buying up baseball players and such. Actually, I knew that he was out of town back in New York for the opening of the show called "Magic Bird" which is a wonderful interview with him and Larry Bird, Boston Celtics basketball legend who dueled it out with Magic on the courts during the '80's.   Consequently, my feelings were not reallly hurt and I just hoped that someday,m perhaps he would get to read my glowing words .

As you may know, the past month has been a tough one for me, what with one bump in the road after another and I have been slowly coming out of a black funk and have not been taking kindly to phone calls where people are either doing heavy breathing, trying to sell me home improvement or worse, want me to give them money just because they are a worthwhile charity, so when the phone rang on Friday I answered with some trepidation, trying to keep the loathing out of my voice.  When the cheery female inquired if  "Lois" was there I cautiously admitted to being that person and this is what I heard.

"Lois, this is Bailey, Magic Johnson's Assistant."

 Me....."Oh, my goodness",,,,,,.( I am nifty on paper...not so good in person on the spur of the moment.)

Bailey: " I just read your letter to Magic and he told me to be sure and call you and thank you for all your kind words."

Me:  "Oh, wow.  Did he remember me?"

Bailey :  Oh yes.  And so do I....I am the one who was with him when you met and who took the picture of you with him."      (I had thought it was his Sister but I now remember that, when I peered blindly at the young lady with him and asked if it was Cookie, his wife, he said no that he and the young lady were just discussing some business.)

Me:    gulp...."oh, wonderful.  Oh, thank you so much and please tell Magic I still love him."

Bailey:  "I will surely do that .and thank You.       (g'bye, g'bye)

.................. so who was it among you who didn't believe in miracles?