Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Cats Have Spoken

The big day is here.......the Lottery drawing for the Erma Bombeck books has  been completed.  I must confess that the cats were not totally effective at the job so I did use the Random Number Picker and here are the lucky Winners:
                                 Blissed Out Grandma
                                Anonymous - (Ida)

Now, if you really want the book you must be willing to email me your addresses.  (I know yours, Ida. )

                    (the first character is a lower case "L")

Congratulations to the lucky winners and I do hope you enjoy dear old Erma.

And so ends another breath-taking episode in the melodrama of "It's Always Something".

Thank you all for participating so enthusiastically......I really wish I had a book for each of you.

Now, I am going back to bed.....believe it or not I woke up at 5 AM with the urgent need to pee, let Baskin out and, as long as I was up, to rush these results to you.     

More later.