Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Cockamamie Thoughts from Southwest Limbo

 I have, for the moment, ceased to worry about being addicted to Blogsville.  It appears to be a relatively harmless addiction and, it IS free so I am just going to accept it's presence in my life with gratitude and let it be.  Then again, I have been eavesdropping on some of my private thoughts lately and perhaps I really should be worried.  Like, for instance...........

Sometimes it seems to me that relating to people in the real world is sort of like Facebook or maybe Twitter or a cocktail party.........lots of brush against them and talk briefly to a few or to mouth meaningless trivia....usually 50 words or keep moving and circulating....... if it is a cocktail party,  you keep drinking till you are so blotto that nothing matters or hurts any more and you "friend" everyone (even people you normally loathe and wouldn't be caught dead with) and, worst of all,  you think you are having a good time.

Though you are dealing with real people you are really not plugged into anyone unless you happen to make a soused connection with someone of the opposite sex that you are inspired to take home with you for the night.....otherwise your connections mostly feel superficial,  feel like dust and taste like cardboard.

On the other hand, sharing thoughts in the blog world can be more like sharing a fabulous cup of home brewed French Roast coffee and an apple streudel (sp?)   with a dear friend while you both lean toward each other giggling, nodding and lounging at your kitchen table. You  listen to what the other person has to say and they listen to you, and you  make real contact and feel that your inner self has been touched.   You are warmed and nourished...... and....satisfied.......and amazingly, 10,000 people (or in my case 141) can all be having the same or a similar experience at the same moment.  Awesome.

I am not saying that you don't or can't have pleasurable experiences with real people in the real world.....just that they are very different experiences and the more I think about it the more I feel that I, for one, really need both kinds in my life. 

I wonder, is it only misogynous old hermits like me who feel this way, or do you more normal (?) social, gregarious types ever feel this way too? 

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this........I think.