Friday, November 28, 2014

Update to (censored)

For some inexplicable reason my last  blog garnered no comments except for one from my beloved, Joleave any old kind of comment if yoiu can.e Hagy , who somehow got an accidebnt blog wehich I never meant to publish and gbrabbed  back as soon as I could.  Ph well,ssince nothing makes much sense anymore I will not try to figure all that out.  I am writing this just to find out if the commenting sdystem stgill works or if I am doomed to remain commentless.

Please leave any old kind of comment if you can........if you see a few there you need not bother unless you feel  inclined to commiserate.  My favorite cpom[iter u[[ed and doed tpdauy and I am typing this myself on an unfamiliar keyboarded.
did not feel up to coping with Dragon.

By the way, I hadf a nice Thabksgiving because of a briloliant idea I got.....I made my turkey on Wednesday with the help of my lovely caregiver, Anne, so all I hadf to do on thursday was eat turke3y and listen to books on tape.  Hope yo =u all had a grand Thanksgiv ing.

Love, Lo