Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost But Not Quite.....

Believe it or not, on Tuesday, Feb something or other - 2013, Florence and I collapsed gasping on the top of the Matterhorn or whatever......we finally achieved the impossible and got a video posted on YouTube so I could upload it to my blog.  Furthermore, we DID just that!  How many weeks have I been struggling with this......2, 3, 23 ?,  maybe half of my adult life.  You know how it is......time does not fly when you are not having fun.

Now, don't that I have solved the challenge of how to do the frigging thing, I am delirious with happiness  and a sense of achievement.  Not quite smug about it  because, as you know, I am always has a way of keeping me that way......I just keep asking myself why in the hell Blogger does not have a provision to upload audio files and why they do not make it clear somewhere  how to go about getting video files into an uploadable state.  Oh, why do I even reason may be to provide old codgers like me with something they can do while sitting down.

To continue......NO I have not yet published it  because it is AWFUL.  It was merely a desperate test and, for some ungodly reason I chose to sing a song I have not sung in years and therefore had to reach around wildly to try to remember and find the notes.  Consequently, my sound is akin to fingernails screeching across a blackboard and I miss more notes than I hit and I will not inflict that on you.  However, I have put together several more offerings and, as soon as my caregiver gets  back from Target with some Alkaline AA batteries and a batttery recharger  I will see if I can remember how to do it all.

The battery charger is essential, incidentally, to anyone messing around with this particular camcorder......About all you get out of a set of AA's is about 5 minutes if that.  Horrifying waste to a skinflint like me.....the charbger promises me 500 had better produce or I may have to rant.

There is a funny addendum to this whole thing  which I will confess to you, just  in case some of you noticed IMQTPI's comment on my last blog.  Last night, with the last shreds of strength I had in me, I called my singing pal in Illinois and told her of my success and promised I would post the blog for 5 minutes so she could see and hear it before I took it down since it was so very imperfect.  She  viewed it and, as I suspected, loved it because she loves me a lot and has no judgment where I am concerned.
 Then I took it back to draft form so it was no longer viewable.  apparently, in that 5 minutes QTPI got a look at it.  Like my buddy, she was very kind.........I will not impugn her judgment.......maybe she lo es me a lot too.  Anyway, I may someday post it again, but for now I would like to put up something o a little better quality so b ear with me.

I am going to attempt to post a brief bit featuring Gussie and me, just so you will have an idea of what you are in for.  If I fail, I will just post this without the vid bit and struggle a little more to regain control of things. 

Oy.  Technology........sometimes you are NOT a good thing.