Friday, April 27, 2012

A Short Update....Mostly Groan and Grumble

Haven't blogged lately because I am going though a bad spell.  My inner ear malady has recurred making me mostly deaf and considerably dizzy.  And Winnie has taken to shitting on my bed and in various other places besides the kitty box.   What ever made me think I loved cats?  I will not even mention my vision problems....

 In desperation I have even ordered a hearing aid online just to see if anything might help till my ears clear up.........(Florence is very soft spoken and cannot or will not remember to speak louder and I am sick and tired of saying, "Louder, please.")    I am sick and tired of lots of things right now.......hence,  my mood is very dark and not conducive to frivolity. 

Be patient and the other Lois may return shortly.....for all of our sakes, I certainly hope so.