Monday, January 31, 2011

Results of the "Chicken/Road" Contest

has published the results of her "contest for answers to the  question, "Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road"?
Actually I misinterpreted things a was not that kind of was more like a challenge......... so if you were expecting me to win, please don't be disappointed:   I am definitely not disappointed....I  would never have produced my own little masterpiece were it not for Anna and her challenge and I am infinitely pleased with myself over my entry. 

I just read all the wonderful,,,yea even incredible......entries (mine included) and was impressed and tickled beyond belief.  All I can say is that we bloggers  are definitely of a superior race.

Here is the link to Anna Leflers blog with  all the entries:

and below is what was my humble offering.....


Hmmmm.........Why DID the chicken cross the road?  

The question appears to be deceptively simple but is actually enormously complex
and could have a myriad of causes not the least of which might be SEX.

So now we must ask whether the chicken was a rooster or a hen
Because everyone knows that the male and female of the species are apt to behave very differently when,

For one reason or another, their libido is aroused or shall we say tickled,
and also we have to determine whether or not the bird in question might have been even slightly pickled;

Because liquor can make even the most straight laced and demure little hen into an lascivious hussy        
who would not be feeling the least bit fussy,

And might go far out of her way
for what is vulgarly known as a roll in the hay.

While everyone knows that no self respecting rooster
is apt to need any booze as a booster.

When sighting a hen
With a yen

Across the road........

So ends Reason #1 of my Ode.

(with love and thanks to Ogden Nash)