Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Dare You to Yell at Me or Isn't This Excuse the Greatest?

Yeh, yeh, I know......I appear to have abandoned all you lovely people for my own fatuous,selfish pursuits.

Bad Lois!   No, no, not true.

Now, what will you say when I tell you that I, feeling that I had absolutely nothing of interest to communicate, decided to spend all my blogging time reading and leaving praiseful comments on blogs I loved, admired, envied and even a few that I disagreed nicely with.  Knowing the joy and bliss of receiving comments, I decided that, as long as I was not inspired enough to amuse you one way, I would just sneak around and tickle your feet.

If I didn't get around to everyone, don't despair.  I'll be there when you least expect me, and perhaps, hopefully, when you need me most.

And, one of these days, I WILL blog again.