Saturday, August 6, 2011

Timid Critique of Some Blogs by a Somewhat Blind Person

Now, before I  utter a single word I must apologize in advance for ruffling even a single  feather of my adored bloggers.  I know that many of you spend hours ruminating about how you can dress up and fancify the look of your Blog Page. It happens that I do not understand this overwhelming need to embellish but, hey, that's just me.  If your blog is mostly words my thought is that they should be somewhat me crazy.....

I applaud creativity wherever it pops up.  In fact I consider it to be a great life force next to Peasant Bread, Baba Ganouj and Chocolate.  Ok....  Having said that I will go on to the main premise here.

Dammit, can we just be a bit more considerate of those of us who have to spend much of our time groping around for things?  (no pornographic meaning intended, I swear).  There should be an Unwritten Law somewhere that words are required to be in Black on White or, at the very least, on Pale Beige.  For some reason, even white on black is not really nifty. I seem to remember from one of my classes in  Graphic Design that Yellow on  Black is the most readable for  signs of great import like "Caution....Road Ends Here- 1000 Foot Drop Begins",  "Danger -Curves Impossible to Navigate Except by Tricycle" and "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here".  However, for something that goes on for paragraphs even that combination is  not recommended.

I am not asking for pity here, folks......just common sense.  I know you don't even think about it when you conquer the eye charts with 20/20but choosing to print your words in black but on a  solid red  or maybe brown background you are kind of defeating your purpose at communicating with the fuzzy sighted of the world.

I must admit that I have actually had to give up trying to read some of my favorite blogs because they are illegible to me.  Sob.  And even some which simply have a pattern under the type can be precursors of a migraine.  For instance, how would you like to try to read, say "War and Peace",  if a child had spilled cherry Koolaid over the pages and also festooned every one of them with scribbles of multi- colored crayon?  (Perhaps I exaggerate a mite, but that was for effect.)  My message here, dear ones, is.......whenever possible...





Love, Lo