Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Newsflash to PETA,,,,,,,,Angels Sometimes Wear Fur

Just a few lines to update you on the situation with me and Precious. Incredible, Adorable Paulie KlibanCat.   It must be very few lines because I just do not have any spare time away from head petting, tummy rubbing, chin scratching and murmuring sweet nothings into those dear little ears......I mean, I have  big time commitments here and everything else is lower priority.  

It could be said that I am in love.  (sorry Joeh.....you will just have to share me)

Ya' know, I have had cats.   I have had cats up the giggy for most of my life, and like lovers or husbands, no two are alike and some are, well, just better than others.  Not saying that I have not loved them all and done my best for each and every one of my darlings, but, face it, I would be lying if I said I did not find certain of them special.  This Paulie cat is beyond special.  In 7 days she has mended the hole, nay chasm,  in my heart and filled it up with milk and honey to overflowing.  

I will tell you more next time about what I know of her life before we found each other.   Call it kismet or karma or serendipity or whatever, but it certainly wasn't chance. I consider it one of my miracles that we have found each other.   Grateful?  For sure, but what a puny word that is.

I promise some photos soon.  Hell, I may even post a video of me singing to her.   I have been tuning up the voice and practicing one of my old favorites....."Just In Time"......