Friday, March 21, 2014

OK, OK, Already...... Come Meet Pauline

I know,  I has taken me forever to post a picture of my precious Pauline, otherwise known as Paulie, Polly, Bubbala, Cat and HeyYou.  Well, this is more or less what I see when I open an eye after being pawed temporarily awake at dawn  most days.  No meows or raucous noise.....just a gentle, persistent tapping on my mouth and a tickling of my cheek by cleverly applied whiskers.

 I am not going to blather on today because I am still feeling a bit weak and feeble, but I am surely feeling better than I have been for a number of weeks and I am mightily cheered by that.  I will try to blog decently very soon and rant endlessly about all the things that have broken down, expired and gone wrong since last I kvetched.  Meanwhile, get acquainted with my darling.......some vigorous stroking along the cheekbones and under the ears, please.