Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Cats Take Over

I have had a very harrowing day coping with my electronic and technological gadgets all of which defied me at every turn and left me a broken shell  of a person flung into the corner of the room like a pile of dirty laundry.  Consequently, you don't get very many words out of me tonite, but I will try to fill up the column with a few pix.

One of the things which confounded me was the simple (?) task of trying to download some pics from my camera.  Two hours and a bucket of tears later I finally found the pro blem.....I was using the download cable from my old camera not  my new one.   If the prongs all fit the various holes I cannot for the life of me understand why the old one should not work, but at least the correct one did work and enabled me to display this somewhat undistinguished Picture of the new and improved, softer  version of Baskin in his favorite perch giving you the "look deeply into my eyes and I will turn you into a pumpkin" stare........otherwise known as the "Don't Fuck With Me, Kiddo".

This is supposed to  be a pic of Winnie co vering her eyes with her paw as she tries to nap.......ny vision is poor so all I can  be sure of is that it is a furry creature.

Same pose, perhaps a bit clearer but I know it will never win any prizes.
A view of my marvelous red trumpet vine blossoms.......too bad you can't see how huge they are but you can catch a glimpse of one of my numerous hummer feeders.  The funny thing is that the trumpet vine flowers used to be a feast for the hummers till they tasted Lo's Home Brewed Nectar.  Now they spurn the flowers for my offerings.  I hope I have not ruined their lives....

And finally, a pitifully inadequate shot of the livestock lounging by the pool........I took 2 or 3 of these and none of them was any good, but being that I am merely a limp pile of dirty laundry thrown into a corner by my tech devices,  I guess you should consider yourselves lucky to   be getting even this dubious stuff.

And now, my precious followers, I must rush off to  bed so I can arise with the dawn and see what is happening to the spreads, straddles and naked puts and calls in the Options Market.