Sunday, March 6, 2011


Watch out, folks.....I think the top of my head may just blow off at any moment.  Something I just encountered in Blogsville has made me realllllllly angry.

I rarely look at "Blogs of Note" because I haven't got enough time to keep up with my own chosen 'blogs of note', but, for some reason I just clicked on it and took a look at the anointed few.  Whoops.   Holy Crap.  Who is responsible for this abomination?

I suspect it may be very bad form and maybe even blog-suicide to criticize, but I am baffled and incensed by one of the selections........something called Amazing Facts.  This particular post consists entirely of 26 exquisite drawings by the sainted artist, Edward fact a complete reproduction of his epic alphabet entitled "THE GASHLYCRUMB TINIES".  There are several things that are driving me to the point of detonating, the first being that the artist and author is NOT even give a line of credit.  I consider that to be a crime against genius and should be punishable by something much worse than death....(I don't know right now, but don't worry, I am working on it).

The second point that is agitating me to a dangerous point on the gauge is......since when is simple outright plagarism to be rewarded rather than condemned.  Aaarrggh.     Grrrrrr.  And other letter combinations of the same ilk.

What makes it all even worse, is that there is no identification as to who is responsible for the blog and therefore no way an indignant person such as myself can make her feelings known to the perpetrator.  Urk and Faugh!

..No, seriously, my can this happen?  And do any of you know of any way of  making this right?  How does one communicate one's annoyance with the purveyors of "Blogs of Note"?  And how does one identify a dastardly, no-good, dirty, stinkin' cowardly thief who not only gets away with his crimes but gets a medal for them.

All I can say on the positive side is.....if you  have to steal from someone, there is no one better to steal from than the blessed Edward Gorey.

Sob.  I have just discovered that Blogsville is NOT perfect after all and this really burns my fanny..