Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet The Girls

I know, I know......I have been awful, totally remiss and neglectful and I can't promise that I am going to get much better in the near future, but my lovely caregiver has taken some great photos of my babies, Gussie and Winnie, so I figure if I pass on a few of them for your amusement and entertainment it is better than total deprivation........

These 2 so-called cats are our constant companions as we sit in Crochet Corner day after day.  Amazingly, they do not cause a great deal of trouble in regard to the bounteous balls of yarn that are strewn hither and yon around our feet ......the real trouble comes during the Great Chair Wars.  My favorite crochet site is my lovely leather recliner with footstool;  Consolee relishes the black leather Moderne armchair that faces it.  Winnie will fight you for either one and Gussie wants sole possession of mine including the footstool.  Any time either of us grown ups raises our fannies and relinquishes our territories they are immediately taken over by certain furry creatures and one of the hardest things I have to do each day is physically evict a cat from my favorite chair.  I AM getting better at it but it it not my greatest skill and Consolee is even worse at it than I am.  Sigh.  We spend a lot of time shifting from foot to foot,wringing our hands and contemplating our options.

 If you can conjure up a ridiculous picture, imagine two grown women racing madly across the living room trying to settle their fannies into the chairs before the cats beat them to it.
A nightmare game of musical chairs that no one can really win.  Two chairs, four bodies and two sets of reproachful green eyes (if we win)....(2 sets of aggravated brown eyes if we lose.)

The first  photo is Winnie settling into Consolee's chair for a lovely nap.  The yawn and the stretch are too human-like to bear.

The picture below on the right is Winnie, mid-nap, just checking with half opened eyes to see if she is missing anything of note.  I particularly love the languid pose.

The photo below is of Gussie and Consolee......not the  best pic of either but OK for a start.

I am going to let the pics speak for me in today's offering.
Perhaps tomorrow I can come up with some words.
Stay tuned.