Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oy Vey or Hooray,,,,,It All Depends

It all depends. on how you look at it. 

I am checking in with  a very petite, mni-blog just so's you'll know I am still here ranting, raving, griping and complaining and occasionally laughing out loud at how odd life is.

I saw (in a manner of speaking) my Retinologist the other day and was told that my vision, tho losing some ground, is holding up fairly well considering......considering 3what I am not sure.  After all these years of many visits per year he and I have a nice relationship and ofteb discuss deep subjects while he is peering into the deepths of my eyeballs and blinding me even more with some wretched ultra brigh light which turns the whole world magenta afterward.  In my usual brashm arrogant fashion I said to him, " Dammit, why in the hell aren't you guys working on a stem cell injection you can poke into my eyeball to restore the retina?" and he looked at me with a combination of surprise and delight and said, "We are working on that very thing."  Humph, I grumbled.....you had better hurry.......it'll probably be too late for me."  Whereupon he said, "Not at all......we may have something viable by  your next appointment."  (6 months)  At which moment I knocked him to the floor, smotheefred him with kisses and refused to let him up until he promised to put me t the top of the list for testing. 

Of course, that means that once more I face the situation of having to submit monthly or so to a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I will gladly endure that process (it really sounds much worse than it feels)  if it will give me back a smidgeon of sight.

Well, that is the news from upper Califa St.  Incidentally this ws writtenb without benefit of Dragon so all of the typos and errors are my own.  Sadly, you are being deprived of Dragon's inimiable humor and I have none of my own to offer today.  Don't despair.....maybe next time.

Love, Lo