Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Which Lo Surrenders to WhatThe HellCanHappenNext and Feels Somewhat Better

Urk!  Ugh! Aarrrgghhh!  and OY Gevalt!
also, Ouch, Oof, Yoicks and ShitPissFuck!
So here I sit in a puddle of[ tears and a pile of broken crockery.......the latter self inflicted in protest and childish petulance and to relieve some of the pressure
The sad fact is that I had to put my precious cat, Gussie down over the weekend and although I knew it was inevitable I had  been trying to postpone it as long as possible.  I finally realized that she was going downhill faster than I could stop it and, for both of our sakes,  I took her in to go across the Rainbow Bridge.    I am pretty good about such disasters but still I did weep and am still heartsore and craving some warm furry creature to hug and pet.   Saturday nite I actually took my TeddyBear to bed with me.........TB happens to be the only present my Father ever gave me.....I was Sixty(60) years old at the time and was still happy to get it, but that is another story.   I am considering asking Laurel, my Vet whom I got to adopt my tortoise shell kitty, Winnie, to rent her back to me for a while.  I am not sure I want to make another long term commitment right now....hell....at 86 what can I promise? 

So, I am wounded and fragile and shaken and all that on top of which the air conditioner in the bird room has chosen this very moment to croak, the ceiling fan/light in the garage, inspired  by the audacity of the AC, has done the same, one wheel on my garden cart decided to disintegrate,  my car battery, not to be outdone, just conked out....also the car AC is ailing and perhaps on its last legs, my precious reclining chair, without which I have no incentive to live, collapsed, the frame of my brand new glasses broke after only 3 days and had to be replaced by a more expensive pair,  and the market is out of stock on Twizzlers.........are my stars out of alignment or what?  There are even a few more serious disasters in process regarding the failing health of several of my nearest and dearest, but we will not go there today.

I am reporting all of the above mishigoss only to clue you in as to why I have been blogless for so long and also to let you know that I have not given up yet, but am still reeling and staggering around and putting one foot in front of the other occasionally.  Having had the recliner repaired (first things first) I have been spending a lot of time escaping into Books on Tape, meditation and just napping to shut it all out and remaining as motionless as possible to avoid causing any new disasters.

All of which reminds me of an old joke which I only partly remember.  About the guy who died and was being escorted to heaven by an Angel and as they were walking down a long hallway they passed a closed door from which issued dreadful groans, moans, wails and screams.    The man inquired about what was going on in there and the Angel said, "That's Hell" and opened the door to reveal an endless lake of shit, populated by an infinite crowd of people struggling to keep their heads above the shitline...... They were all pleading, "Don't make waves!"