Monday, September 5, 2011

You Coulda Heard my Screams in Timbuktu...

Oh....all I can say is shit, piss, fuck.

Yesterday I had a brief moment of inspiration.....something goosed me to the laptop and I wrote at least 10,000 gazillion words, stopping every 500 or so to carefully  "save" them. After all, I am no novice at this computer stuff....I have been around the block a few times and know all too well how stuff can disappear into the the Computer Nowhere.   Still, when I had it all fine tuned to my liking I hit "publish" and ended up in some weird Bloggy swamp. 

With trembling fingers I made my way back to my site and my worst fears were confirmed.  Every gazillion of those words must be floating in oblivion because they sure as hell ain't in my Blog list....not even in draft status.  Sob, snivel, sniffle.  I was too disheartened to try to reconstruct it yesterday, but today I made a few notes and just maybe......

But, actually........the truth is.....

I wish I could say that you were all dreadfully deprived of a masterpiece, but I was in a really shitty mood and as I reflected on the whole situation I ended up thanking my lucky stars that the wretched thing did get lost.  You would have probably hated every word I uttered and me for being the utterer.  Most of it was a rabid rant against everyone (including a lot of bloggers whom I love) who had been moaning and crying for their lost than that......for their lost youthful good looks, a complaint I simply have no time or tolerance for.

I will present my arguments tomorrow......meanwhile if you want to do any bitching and complaining about the fact that everything is drooping and you can't stand to look in the mirror anymore and  "why oh why, poor me", you had better do it before I expound on what a silly fool you are for feeling that way.

See.....I am NOT always Pollyanna!

Enuf said for today.