Saturday, February 20, 2010

Loose Ends

I am still trying to cope with the requirements for having been nominated "Beautiful Blogger" by CatLadyLarew.  Before I continue I must apologize to CatLady for having misspelled her name these past many George, I think I've got it is Larew not Larue!

Next I must see if I can figure out how to link to her blog......I wonder what will happen if I click on the word
"Link"  in the goes.

Ah, so!  Making progress.  One of the stipulations was that I thank my benefactor and I have already done that in an earlier blog, but in a case like this repetition does no harm so thank you again, CatLady, for your kind words and actions.

Next I think I am supposed to nominate 7 of my favorite bloggers for the award and that will not be easy because I have discovered so many incredibly talented and interesting people during this adventure.  However, I will give it a go and will honor some of my other favorites next time I get the chance.
1. I.B. Grumpy           Dr. Grumpy In The House
2. Kelly                      Kelly's Kvetch Of the Day
3. Nathan (?)              Mr. London Street
4. Pearl                       Pearl, Why, You Little....
5. Anna                       Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder
6.     ?                         UberGrumpy
7. Alan                        News From Nowhere

I believe that now my final obligation is to notify my "winners" of their prize.  That will be a pleasure.

This highlight to my short blogging career has been a fascinating experience.  I actually feel like I am a part of a greater entity and it is wonderful.  For the first time in my life I think I have found a group to which I am happy to "belong".  Never was a joiner till now......see, take note all you young 'uns....... you are never too old for new thrills and adventures.  Thank you fellow bloggers....I love ya all.