Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Aftermath and the Epiphany

The blissful state of being warm and the delightful prospect of being able to get clean have  induced me to wax poetic......

               There are interesting side effects to not having any heat or hot water
               And the main one is probably that you don't get to bathe as often as you orter.
               But if anyone dares to hint that I am odoriferous or, shall we say, smelly
               I will, promptly and  forthwith, kick them in the belly.

Just want to report that I now have not only heat but blessed hot water and I am not only still calm but hellishly grateful.

And, strangely enough, rather than being filled with blind rage at the MF Plumber who, for whatever evil or stupid  reason, misdiagnosed my heating system as being deadly with carbon monoxide gas, I am content and pleased with having made plans to deal with my 22 year old unit before it crashed on me at a less opportune moment.  This is not Pollyanna speaking is, I  believe, the newly enlightened Lo.  I have been working for years toward being able to cope with disasters without exploding with emotions all over the near environs  and ending up a spent but still vengeful victim.

The fact is, that I could easily have cancelled my order for the new system once I discovered  that this old one was NOT leaking deadly gas fumes into my living quarters and could have spent days  and much precious energy venting my rage on unscrupulous people and shady business practices, but, upon thoughtful rumination, I realized that I could not expect this 22 year old wonder to continue functioning indefinitely without's days were certainly numbered.  I had already endured the discomfort of  being without.  I had already transferred the funds into my checking account.  I was already mentally prepared for the thing to be done, so why put it off for some less convenient time when the price will no doubt be even more exorbitant .  Just do it and forget about heating and cooling problems forever. .........and that is what I am doing. And it feels good.

Now, excuse me everybody while I go in and take a long hot shower.  Ahhhhhhhh! Ummmmmmm!

P.S   I want to make it perfectly clear that I am NOT getting my new heating system from the MF Plumber creep who triggered this whole epic, but from the same folks who installed my current system 22 years ago.


Just a quick update for those darlings out there who have been worrying about me being without heat and without hot water.    Got the heat back!

Naturally, it is a long story and I am not ready to tell it  yet, but, suffice it to say,......(what a stupid, meaningless, tortured  phrase that is.....I apologize for using it) I was saying, what I have done is gotten a carbon monoxide monitor and turned the heating system back on.  I did this yesterday around midafternoon.  The heat is blissful and the monitor has stayed strangely silent.  Hmmmmm.

Now, I am beginning to wonder if that MF Plumber who told me about the crack in my heater and the carbon monoxide was just pulling a big con on me.........I am taking a while to think about that.....I am still fairly calm but I am afraid that if I relax for just a moment I will have to rush out and murder that MF Plumber......

Meanwhile I am both calm and WARM.