Friday, April 20, 2012

What the Fuck? How Dare They?

What a monstrous fucking goddamned mess the so-called new blogger platform is and I, for one,  will have no part of it.  Not only is it unworkable, it is visually ugly and poorly designed.  (and I know these things because graphic design used to be my profession..... not that it matters one whit at this point)

No I will NOT get used to it.........I will not accept inferior products as substitute for ones I find convenient and workable.  How dare they force this garbage upon us?  I cannot believe that all of you intend to just lie down and accept this outrage.  I have been trying to find who I can protest to and am so upset I have been unable to do so....or maybe they cleverly just failed to provide us with a means of howling at them.

Along with everything else, they very casually exposed two of my very private blogs to any prying eye that wanted to see them.  Oops they will say.....there may be a bug or two still left.......those cretins.......oh torture and death is too good for them is all I can say.  (loud gnashing of teeth here)

I really mean it when I say I will not be pushed around like this nor will I participate in something just because I have no choice in the matter.  I do have a choice and that is to find some way to communicate  other than Blogger.  If you have any ideas or comments please email me and do send me all of your email addresses.....those who would like to stay in touch that is.


Otherwise, I am afraid this is goodbye.  It was beyond  lovely knowing all of you.  Sob.

Oh, hell.....for one last times....shit, piss, fuck.