Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Few Questions and Some Answers or Does Lois Live Her Life Nekkid

One of my main problems and shortcomings since I started this blog has  been responding to my precious readers comments.  I tried at first to toss an acknowledgement back at each commenter, but I found that didn't work for me.  In my feebleness, it took a huge amount of time and strength and did not feel satisfying to me so I took the easy, selfish way out and decided I would better use the time to comment on YOUR blogs and thus it has continued.

Every now and then I think I have issued a blog with a mass "Thank You" to all you dear souls who check in here to see if I have perchance had a new thought during the week and I hoped that it would be enough.  Of course an occasional  random thanks for all the joy you bring me and the love I feel from you is really an puny and paltry abomination......but I can only hope that you know how much I love all of you without my nattering on about it constantly.  There is no way to tell you in words what your wonderfulnesses mean to me or how you have enhanced and brightened my life.....I feel like you are all Family and I am no longer an Orphan/Widow Lady plodding along alone.  What a gift!  And after this weekend when you deluged me with wonderful birthday wishes I want so much to let you know what it meant to me.   One more time I must simply say a huge "Thanks" and hope it conveys something of my feelings for you all.

But......(knowing me, you know there's always a "but" )  today I realized that you sometimes ask me questions in your comments and the only way I have found to answer them has been to try to email you an answer, and that seems OK, except that it doesn't serve those of you who might also have wondered about the same thing and waited for me to respond in a convoluted.......Anyway, since I can't do the tit- for- tat, comment- for- comment thing, I just figured out that at least I could blog it and answer a bunch of queries at one time.  I have only had the energy to go back a few blogs and pick out some questions but perhaps this will sate your collective curiosities a bit.

First, I think it was Cathy of "Still Waters" who was puzzled by my loud and constant resistance to putting on clothing and wondered exactly how I am garbed or un-garbed normally when I am at home rather than out in public. Well, I'll tell ain't necessarily a purty sight.

You already know that I skinny-dip when I go in the pool, but that does not necessarily mean I like to run around the house and gardens bare-ass nekkid.  I find that quite fun sometimes  for brief periods, but it is NOT the best solution all told.  For one is dangerous to one's overall well being to cook naked.    Especially when one is sauteing something in olive oil, for instance.   And even though my blessed house is very private because of the front walled little courtyard garden and the excess of foliage around the property, people do occasionally open the gate to the courtyard and come to my front door.  On those occasions I am in deep doo-doo if I happen to be sitting at the dining table blogging away in my altogether since the front wall of my living/dining area is mostly glass.  I am NOT an exhibitionist and do not want to frighten or scandalize any Jehovah's Witnesses so I decided early on that some body covering was necessary.

I know most of my female followers will understand when I say I have always hated wearing a bra......they are uncomfortable at best, always gouging us in some tender spot or other,  especially for the poor souls who carry permanent dents in our shoulders from toting those boobs around for a gazllion, any time I can go without is sheer delight.  First order of the non-clothing thing is No Bra. !

The fashionable among you will probably gasp in horror when I reveal that I no longer see the need to make any effort to be fashionable much less seductive in what I wear to bed......the cats don't give a damn what I am wearing when I offer them their goodies thank heaven and they are the only ones around so I have given all my sexy lingerie to the GoodWill and sleep and  live mostly in very long, XXlarge, soft tee shirts....some with questionable comments across the front.  That is my favorite garment of all time and, if I were going to be buried in a coffin, I would demand that it be in my favorite with the huge bull dog and the iteration "Bad Dog"across the front.

Next, I do not want to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities but I am obsessed with the truth so please do not flinch or faint or desert.   To continue, (I think I have already confessed this in earlier blogs)  I  belong to that huge contingent of old folks who sometimes.......well..... leak, so I am rarely without my second favorite garment called "Depends". Sigh and sob.....a simple fact of extended life.

During the cold months I also don a garment I invented years ago made of sweat shirt fabric fleecy inside , with a warm cowl neck and pockets, which keeps me warm from head to toe.  In the warm months I have a few of these I made of light airy fabrics for at-home Dress-Up, but usually, the long Tee suffices for all my needs and it is less to rip off when I am seized with the urge to go into the pool.  I used to finish off this fetching costume with flip flops, but they now hurt my ancient toes so I wear mocs or a slipper kind of like a heelless Ugg.........

Holy, unmerciful Heavens, I cannot believe I have filled up this whole effing blog with an interminable answer to just One Question.  Who will ever believe that I once was so shy and so speechless that I could barely meet anyone's gaze and could only mutter a whispered  "yes" or a "no" you think it is possible that I have been invaded by Aliens???

I am almost too ashamed to say it, but......"More later".