Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bless your dear hearts......I love yez

Thank you SO much for helping me out with y Comment problem.......apparentlythat one odd post was buggered up totally.  Now that thinbgs are working again I an going to fetch my backup computer which contains Dragon and reinstate it here beside my old trust laptop on what was once the dining table.  Migod, I can't remember the last time it served THAT ouroise, tho I hve a vague recollection of clearing off 36 inch3s at the end fairly recently so that a friend and I could gobble a pizza.....or was it a Weinerschnitzel Chili Dog?.........onw of my unk food staples anyway........I hate feeding company on their laps.

This will not be a real post....I am just writing to relieve you all of the responsibility to participate inb my comment investigation.....not that I would mind getting comments for several hundred folks.......a blogger's dream........but it seems cruel to corce and coerce you as Ihave ddone with my piteous whining and whimpering.  I figure I can only get away with it because I am so damned old and I had better nbot overdo that bit of blackmail either.

For all of you fans of my Dragon blogs,  do not despair......the two of us will be bqck soon to confound tittilate and annoy you,  be patient.

As for news from upper Califa street.....I had a new animal adventure the other night.  There I was lounging in my recliner listening to books on tape when I noticed some strang furry activity at my porch buffet.  I knew it was not Possum.....too much fur.......I doubted it was Raccoon......this was black and white not black and brown, and it was not at all catlike so I schlepped myself up to peer out of the window to see what was invading my porch and found the most adorable Mama Skunk and her offspring munching way at the kitty kibble!   Now, I happen to love skunks and even their scent at a great distance.  I decided that, cute as they werem I did not want them to accidentally spray the porch and front wall of my house so I runinated and wrestled for a solution and decided the wisest and most humane thing would be to move my porch buffet off the porch and out of the courtyard to a site in front of the garage.  Sadly, I cannot see my patrons when they visit, but since I can't see much anymore anyway it is not a painful deprivation.  This way any and all including Skunks can come an dine and should my garage door get sprayed, it is metal and can be decontaaminated more easily than stucco and wood.   Those little darlings  were just beautiful though.......sigh......I guess that one sighting will have to do me.

That us all for today, dear ones.........

I have no intention of gtrying to proof read this so any goofs will be all my own work.  I do not for one moment believe that Ican compete with what Dragon cabn accomplish without evebn trying.  Hopefully we will alll be reunited shortly.

Love, Lo

Friday, November 28, 2014

Update to (censored)

For some inexplicable reason my last  blog garnered no comments except for one from my beloved, Joleave any old kind of comment if yoiu can.e Hagy , who somehow got an accidebnt blog wehich I never meant to publish and gbrabbed  back as soon as I could.  Ph well,ssince nothing makes much sense anymore I will not try to figure all that out.  I am writing this just to find out if the commenting sdystem stgill works or if I am doomed to remain commentless.

Please leave any old kind of comment if you can........if you see a few there you need not bother unless you feel  inclined to commiserate.  My favorite cpom[iter u[[ed and doed tpdauy and I am typing this myself on an unfamiliar keyboarded.
did not feel up to coping with Dragon.

By the way, I hadf a nice Thabksgiving because of a briloliant idea I got.....I made my turkey on Wednesday with the help of my lovely caregiver, Anne, so all I hadf to do on thursday was eat turke3y and listen to books on tape.  Hope yo =u all had a grand Thanksgiv ing.

Love, Lo