Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lottery Closes Midnight Wednesday August 24 ....and Other Stuff

It just occurred to me that, at some point,  I had better close down the sale of lottery tickets for my old Erma Bombeck after midnight tonite, Wednesday, August 24 no more applicants's no use begging.....I am preparing the tuna-scented scraps of paper with all the names and will put Gussie and Winnie to work tomorrow to choose the 3 lucky winners.  As soon as I know, I will make the big pronouncement.

By the way, to Linda, who worried excessively that my commenter, "Anonymous" might win the drawing......worry not, my dear.....I happen to have inside informtion that "anonymous" is actually my dear friend, "Ida"  who is having some problem getting Google to recognize her. the potential advised that I will be sending the books at Book Rate so there is no telling what month or year they may arrive in your mail box....I have had to curtail my lavish sending of stuff via the USPS since their rates  became astronomical.   Be assured though that the book will be in the mail.

The only other bit of fluff I have for you is the decision I have made to NOT get my knee replaced at this time.  Yes, yes......I hear you all some booing and some applauding.....nothing is ever simple, you know

I have several sound reasons for what appears to be a cowardly decision.  When I discussed this with my guru Cardiologist he suggested that I carefully evaluate how much of my general discomfort (misery) can be blamed on my knee and that proved to be a brilliant idea.     See, the thing is, without getting too much into the whiny, poor-me department, I hurt in a number of mended Femur still reminds me that it was once broken in 3 places, both my hip joints are defiled with arthritis and a number of my lower (and a few middle and upper) vertebrae also are in the clutches of same, so when I say "Ouch" I am talking not just to my knee but to a number of other individual members of the team.  I figured it out that the knee pain is only about 20% of the package and that helped me decide that it wasn't worth surgery right now.  Also, my glutes (the gluteus maximux muscles in the cheeks of your fanny, for those who don't talk abs,  pecs and glutes.)  have become a quivering mass of jello from neglect and could not possibly get me thru the physical therapy until I can refurbish them with some exercises (which I started two weeks ago).

And, it isn't as though I have given up my only chance at knee replacement.  The surgeon and his staff eagerly await my next phone call wherein I yell, "Uncle" and beg for a fix.  And, since he has just performed the magic on a 95 year-old I have a few years of leeway left.  Meanwhile I am dutifully doing my series of exercises and hoping I can get in shape if I decide to proceed later.  They have already been a bit helpful and I am not yelling "ouch" nearly as much as I was.

So, all in all, everything is OK.   (Oops....italics all of  sudden and I can't seem to make them go away)
I am not sorry I went through the process ............I really feel better for having taken some action and if it got me back to doing my exercises it will have been worth it for sure.

That's all f-f-f-folks for today.   Tune in tomorrow for the lucky winners.

And to my beloved cousin, Loni, who really knows how to grab my attention soon as I figure out the shelf life of my Blueberry Breakfast Bread I will consider another lottery.

Love 'ya all.