Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lo Finally Kvetches

Beware my darlings......You may not want to read any further.   I am getting close to the end of my rope.

I have frequently mentioned, with tongue in cheek, (how did that expression ever get started?)  that it  becomes a full time job for us old folks to tend to all the body parts that keep breaking down.  No longer have tongue in cheek.......I need it protruding slightly to enhance the decibels of my scream and shriek....eeeeeeeeeek........aaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggghh.........shit, piss fuck!

I have fallen into the clutches of yet another ailment........a severe eye infection.  The good news is that it has stricken me in my bad eye.  The baaaaad news is that  it can spread and  I suspect that it may be  settting up housekeeping in my good eye too.   Sigh.     If that should happen I will not be able to blog till it clears up enough for me to pry the eyelid open so I can sort of see the monitor.  I am  already on so many meds lined up here, left and right, that I cannot see the table top on which my laptop rests and unless they really begin to work  soon I fear I am doomed to a blogless spell of undetermined length.  And, of course that means that you all will suffer because of my malady......what a bummer.  There actually is a disadvantage to the internet.........A hundred people or so may be feeling deprivation  because of my malaise.  Sob.

So sorry.  (however, there are a gazillion other blogs out there to keep you tittilated so I don't feel too guilty).

I will try to keep you posted.   If necessary I will dictate a few words for Florence, my caregiver, to enter for me.

Too bad I don't have Seeing  Eye Cats.........