Sunday, August 22, 2010

.Worked in Garden Today...Oy.....Very Short Blog

Hi, dear hearts.........I am a pitiful wreck to day.....tried to get the last few bedding plants I bought last week  into the ground and, even sitting on the wonderful gardeners' bench which is supposed to take all the pain out of gardening didn't save me....can't do planting when seated on your fanny I have found.

Tottered into the house, fell lumpily into my favorite recliner intending to watch some football....that's all it took to convince me I am losing what is left of my mind.  After sort of enjoying the pre-season game with the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders I flipped around the remote looking for the next game and all I could find was a repeat of the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders,  Since I already knew how that one came out I tried desperately to find another one and did succeed, finally, but, did not find it till almost halftime and  when that was over I looked for the highly touted Brett Favre season debut (us old folks gotta stick together) and what did I find?   You guessed it.......Bears and Raiders.  By the time I found the Minnesota game Brett had played his four plays and was reclining on the bench saving his very expensive bod for the beginning of the real season.  What I want to know is, do the networks think they can show us the same game 3 times during the day and fool us into thinking that we haven't seen it yet????  It's all too much for my tired brain to comprehend so I did what any well adjusted person would do....I fell asleep and didn't wake up until Sunday football was truly finished.(though I am sure if I really try I can still find the Chicago Bears vs the Oakland Raiders on SOME channel or other.)

But, that is not what I really intended to write about today.........I happened upon a little video among the news bits that really tickled the hell out of me.  It happens to deal with the superb Home Health Agency which has done so splendidly by me since I went splat on my arse last is called "Home Instead" and the video features one of their satisfied clients speaking at their annual Eat/Drink/and be very Merry/ Meeting.  If you enjoy really funny old ladies, (and, let's  face it.....who doesn't?.......what was that I heard you in the 3rd row center?.....I'll deal with you later....)  don't miss this......I am practically emerald green with envy and jealous as hell besides.


I'll return when my back and knees forgive me for what I put them through today.  Joints are so unforgiving....dammit.......