Monday, April 4, 2011

You Must See This

 I am still reeling from a video a friend sent me this morning, I think it is the most amazing and blooming wonderful thing I have ever seen.

One part of my mind keeps telling me it must be a brilliant magic trick but I have watched it over and over and cannot figure out how it could have  been done....  unless the conjurer is God.

Not only is the execution amazing, but the quality of line is exquisite and the overall  result is breathtaking and awe inspiring, the intellectual process astounding and...... I don't know what else.

Knowing me, you know I believe totally in the godliness of every creature and living thing on the planet (including rocks....don't you dare laugh) but if this is real there is no longer any doubt that we do not own the world..

If you can expose this as a trick please let me know your arguments.  Perhaps I am too gullible.

Watch and  decide for yourself and be prepared  to be thrilled to your core.