Sunday, February 16, 2014

Batty Old Bag Behaving Badly

So where have I been for all these many silent, blogless days?  The truth is nowhere in prticular, or right here or to hell and back.........wandering grimly down the dusty corridors of my mind trying to figure out a way to adjust my attitude.  Take it from me, folks, attitude is everything.

And NO, the problem isn't only because I have been coping with some physical problems, though they certainly do not help the situation.  I think I have just  been in one long tantrum behaving like a recalcitrant child (spoiled brat) yelling "I don't wanna" while that damned voice keeps saying, "you gotta".   And what are all these things I gotta do?  Just all of the things that are on the list of stuff I gotta take care of  before I die…… And then accepting the fact that I gotta do that too.  No, no, I have not been given a dire prognosis.  Physically I am probably in great shape for my age.  I think it is simply that astronomical number that has me spooked.  I never made plans for what to do when I was 86.  In fact, I will confess thst I could not imagine myself or the world beyond 1999.  I never did  elieve in the 21st century.......

 Let's face it folks, the truth is I'm just a rotten sport. Not only do I hate to lose at Monopoly and Go Fish, but I hate to lose mobility, vision, old friends, and you name it.  y If you try to take away all my toys, I am going to sulk, scream and protest loudly and without any grace.   Must be how I got to be such a Hoarder but you cannot hoard life.   It is the poster child for the statement, "Use it or lose it".........and by that I do not mean that you have to accomplish some marvelous feat daily,,,,,you just need to recognize and appreciate the gift of a new day.

I keep having to relearn the lesson of simply  accepting what is irrevocable and being grateful for this single day.  Anti-climax perhaps, but that's all the  wisdom I've  got to offer so far........and something tells me that that may be the best I'll ever come up with.

Anyway, that is where I am and what I have been working on .   No funny bits;s just hard work......all that damned  accepting.

So let me just say......Oh,, phooey.  And, of course, SPF.

P.S.  More later,    I love ya all.