Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Furrry Comfort May Be Forthcoming

Just a quick one line update regarding my catless Vet who adopted Winnie called me last nite and told me I could certainly rent-a-cat......Winnie if I wanted her, but she also had a poor waif who had lost her person and was lurking under the sofa all of the time because she was shy and fearful around all the other cats that Laurel has.  Would I consider trying her?   Well, I considered it for about 15 minutes and called her  back and told her "yes".   Winnie is so happy with Laurel that I hate to disrupt her life even though I would love to get my hands on her again.  So I will try Pauline.  

I am ridiculously excited anticipating our meeting tomorrow.  Laurel will bring her in to the Animal Hospital when she comes to work and Ann and I will go over tomorrow afternoon, get introduced and bring her home for a test run.  She can get used to being an only cat here and get used to being petted, brushed and tickled under the chin  till she yells 'uncle'.  My fingers are twitching in anticipation of fur and purrs.  Wish me luck.