Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Gotta Be This Or That

Back in the Good Old Days my  headline for today was a wonderful song recorded by Benny Goodman  ( I think)....I don't expect anyone else to remember it (or to remember Benny Goodman for that poor deprived souls)   but it doesn't really simply describes the waffling condition of my brain at the moment........To Replace the damned Knee or Not to Replace the Knee.........that is the question.

Actually I am almost 98% decided to do the deed......I am sure it will make the rest of my life much easier and more pleasant..........only 2 or 3 things deter is that I cringe at the thought of the Physical Terrorists who get to own and torture me for weeks, nay months, afterward;  another is the the 5am Hospital Vampire Lady who wakes you every morning for the 3 weeks demanding your blooood; and I guess the other thing is the fact that I must consider the faint possibility that I will expire at some point before I have really gotten my full and complete money's worth out of the appliance and the experience.....ooooh, I would hate that!

Anyway, I will make my final decision probably tomorrow, but in the meantime I must thank all of you for your touching and dear encouragements and comments.  You really have helped me a lot, in particular the one sort of negative comment in which "imqtipi" warned me about her mother's unfortunate experience.  I am so sorry that her Mom had a bad time of it, but her email to me reminded me of a very important fact and reinforced my own conviction of how crucial the Physical Therapy is to one's recovery from any of these processes.  Her Mom apparently had little tolerance for pain and agony and consequently did not force herself to honor and perform the therapeutic maneuvers diligently.  Consequently, she never really recovered.

Because so many of you have mentioned your own knee and/or hip  problems and the possibility of needing a replacement at some point I feel it behooves me to stress how utterly important it is that you surrender yourself to that bit of suffering for a short time rather than be left with an unnecessary long term disability.

Anyone who has had any kind of surgery knows that, rather than letting you languish in your hospital  bed, (hmmm....those 2 terms are in total contradiction to each bed.....ha) the sadists who run things make you get up and walk the day of the surgery or at least the very next day and show no mercy.  But it IS for your own good no matter how awful it feels and how much you think you are going to die and how much you enjoy thinking about what you will do to those people once you get your strength back.  I verbally resisted every effort the therapists made to rehab me after my broken hip in 2010, but fortunately, my single brain cell of good sense forced me to exert myself to the fullest despite the pain and discomfort and weakness etc.  and I know that is why I had such a great recovery.  I still hear stories of people much younger than I am who are still in wheel chairs for their lifetime because they could not or would not suck it up and do the damned exercises because they hurt. 

Forgive me for lecturing like somebody's Mother, but this is so important I decided I wanted to blog about it. And I do NOT mean to talk you out of any of these procedures   but rather to encourage you to be brave and go for it.  I just want you to hear my voice echoing in your ears while you are lurching down the halls groaning to NOT give up or give'll all be well worth it a few months down the line and, actually for the rest of your life.   I swear.  And you will be so grateful to the therapists and SO proud of yourselves.

Now let's see if can put my money where my mouth is........