Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Mishugina Holiday Madness

What's that you say?  Holidays?  Christmas?  Hanukah? Faugh.

All I know is, it seems to be the end of  December and I will be damned if I know what happened to most of 2011, and I am invited to a Neighborhood Brunch tomorrow and I just made a batch of my trusty Brownies and, for some mysterious reason,  they failed miserably......didn't rise a smidgeon....only fit for the garbage.......OMG, OMG...... I am falling back on a batch of Hummous and am hoping it will be edible....gasp.  Now I only have to toast up some of my  seasoned Pitas chips and I will be ready, almost.  I hope I will be able to force myself into garments of some acceptable type so I can attend......thank heaven it is being held in the daytime before my bedtime at 5 pm, and am muttering words of gratitude because it is only across the street so I can walk and do not have to endanger the Western World (and my own precious bod) with my driving..............if you think I sound a bit hysterical, would be right.........anything which involves my being surrounded by more than 3 people and further involves my donning clothing and leaving my front door causes an instant attack of hysteria these days.  Any one of those things is quite enough to cause an attack.   Sigh.  Being a hermit does have a few disadvantages......

Before I become comatose with anxiety, I just want to wish all of you darlings a happy holiday season and reiterate my favorite words of caution:

                                              DON'T FALL DOWN!"

And I will try to do the same.

Bless you all