Sunday, April 17, 2011

Note to Self: Carefully Remove Foot From Mouth If Possible

Oh, Shit, Piss, Fuck......what have I done?

 Yesterday some words took shape in my head from lessons learned   (and forgotten and learned again and  again)  which I thought might be helpful to someone I loved and I arrogantly allowed myself to toss those words out into cyberspace without thinking that possibly I might do more harm than good.  For one thing, I am pretty sure I left out a lot of important stuff in my effort to explain something nearly inexplicable. For another thing, it occurs to me that by preaching a sermon on the Evils of the Ego I was most likely letting my guard down and allowing my own Ego (yes, still alive and alert to any opportunity) to grab the controls and  shamelessly show off.  Sob.  The Ego Label for that performance was probably "Pompous Ass" or some such.

When a beautiful, highly evolved Soul like Mary Moon of "Bless Our Hearts" tells me "thank you very much but I can't quite grasp it" (my words, not hers)  then I know I have gone badly wrong. 
I can only apologize abjectly and hope I have not done too much damage.

I have huge conflict about saying any more on this subject, but I realize that I really need to clarify a few points before putting duct tape across my cyber-mouth so I will do my best to undo some of the mess I have made.   I am only too aware that one person's Eureka is another person's WTF?.

First, I did not mean that you must evict, excommunicate or seize the nearest iron frying pan and bludgeon your Ego to death.  The thing I call your "real Self"  and your Ego can, I believe, fact, I think they must.  And that is the Self  that should be recognized and more in control.  I still continue to be a Blumenthal, a Stearns, a Daily, a Widow, Animal Lover, Jazz nut, Octogenarian, Cook, Fool, Computer addict, College graduate, Gardener, Death-to-Horn-Honkers-Bigot, Pollyanna, Member of the Church of the Batshit Crazy, Hummingbird-nurturer, Mild Agoraphobe, Shameful Disliker of Children, Bleeding Heart Liberal, Blogger and Occasional Nailbiter (among 1000 other dubious or praiseworthy Things).  The key to my philosophy is that, in addition to all those aspects  with labels, I am something more.  And that is the something that should be in control as much as possible.  Rather than killing or uprooting or even despising the Ego, one must accept it for what it is, demote it and know that the essence  of you is the quiet divine and eternal spark that is beyond any of your labels.

My two most important Mantras will continue to be  "Accept"  and "Let Go".  Aside from that all I can  say is "Carry water" - "Chop Wood" .