Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dammit...Dumped Again by a Guy.....

Waaaaaaah !  I have been keeping a stiff upper lip for several weeks now, but today was the day my wonderful caregiver, Mickey, hugged me and walked out the door for the last time.   Sob.

Actually, it wasn't me he was running away from.  He claims he is just a country boy and just couldn't stand another moment of living in the big city, especially LA.  He is escaping to a little town near Sedona, Arizona  where the air is clean and the trees and mountains are all around and where his dog can run and he may again be able to have his own horse again.  Yep, that may be the nadir of my assorted rejections......dumped for a horse.

Of course I understand his needs and a wish him nothing but good luck, but I  will miss him fact I already do.  Aside from how much he helped me,  Mickey had become a real friend and I am feeling a huge hole in  my life.  I feel like an overinflated balloon and if you are holding any kind of  sharp implement like a pin please don't get too close.

Well, tomorrow I get a  new caregiver and, hopefully, we will develop a fine relationship.  Her name is Florence, she is a friend of my first caregiver, the wonderful Consolee,  and perhaps she will want to learn how to crochet.