Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sorry If I Offended

I want you all to know that I have pulled my two part "naughty" blog about sex from the rank of "published".

From the lack of and then rather odd comments I received I decided that you do not want to read about that subject from your 84 year Old Lady role model so I will try to be good for a while and behave myself.

No promises, of course.

Meanwhile, to restore your faith in me as a wholesome character, I am proud to announce that I have achieved something beyond my wildest expectations.  I have managed single-handedly  to refill the color cartridge from my printer from a kit !!!

One of my virtues or foibles, I am not sure which, is that I grew up with the 1930's Depression Mentality and have never lost it.....I am frugal, can't stand waste and will go to sometimes ridiculous lengths to save a buck.   In my mind......certain ridiculous lengths are perfectly OK to go to in order to save money.

My blood boils at the thought that, for the price of replacing both cartridges in my printer, I could buy a new printer containing 2 new cartridges  (I know they are reduced capacity, but still....).....what kind of madness is that???.......For years I have been refilling my black ink cartridges from a kit, thereby saving at least $20 - $30 a throw each time and a few years ago I successfully refilled a color cartridge.  For some reason, my recent efforts have ended up in failure, unless you consider a plump Jewish lady festooned from head to toe in Magenta, Blue and Yellow some sort of success.  Worse than that is that the printer, last time, spat at me with harsh words and refused to process what it obviously considered my hand done atrocity. 

So, after running out of ink in my color cartridge last week, I shed many tears and dispatched Florence to  the store to buy......gasp......sob......aaaaarrrghhh.....a new one while I awaited the arrival of a new refill kit that I ordered on line.  When the kit arrived I had many misgivings, but the thought of that wasted $35 propelled me into the Garage to fetch my good old electric drill (which I got free in 1970 with Blue Chip Stamps and which helped me build half my furniture) in order to drill the 3 holes in the top of the cartridge necessary to add ink.  With my wretched vision I had to paint 3 white targets on the cartridge with the only thing at hand which happened to be a bottle of White Out.  (I may be a dirty old lady, but I am inventive)  Then with some trepidation I depressed the trigger on the drill and......voila......a perfect hole in what appeared to have been the compartment for blue.  I could detect from the ink bars on the cartridge that the center compartment was for red and the right hand one was obviously for yellow.

Well, there was no stopping me after that and before you could say "Alakazaam" I had the 3 holes drilled and managed to dispense at least as much colored inks into the cartridge as I got on my person.  A few rolls of paper towels for clean-up........a carefully placed sealing strip of black electrical tape over the holes.....a thousand prayers uttered while reinstalling the cartridge into the printer and, would you worked. 

Of course the printer is still advising me that my color cartridge is does that when you refill.......but at long as it is willing to keep on printing with both cartridges registering empty on its funny little ink meter, I don't give a damn.  I have not only saved $35, but I have outwitted the printer software.

  I feel like Superman/Woman........and who wouldn't?

Sob.....What Have I Done?

I have often admitted to being baffled by this or that, but nothing in the history of  baffledom has confounded me as much as this latest bafflement.  You good people out there have to help me.

Yesterday I published a two part blog with wild rantings about the strange and silly way we deal with the subject of sex.  I figured, because of the subject matter, that even if my writing and thoughts were pure excrement I would surely get a few comments by  today.

However, when I staggered in this morning and eagerly turned on the infernal machine what did I find?


When I wrote the blogs I jokingly worried about losing at least half of my readers, but......holy moly.......did I lose ALL of them?

Or is Blogger punishing me for my uncensored ramblings by censoring not my words but my readers' comments?

What I  am asking is this........ if you can read this blog (which, to my knowledge, contains not a single dirty word) please advise me by leaving a comment.  I just want to be sure I haven't been totally banned in Blogville.

I desperately  need to be un-baffled.  Please.  Thank you.