Monday, December 28, 2009

Score: Silly Girl - 1000 - Wise Hermit of Califa Street - 7

I have just discovered that the foolish young 'un whom I chastised yesterday on her Facebook wall for her facetious attitude about quitting smoking has managed to attract 1000 followers to cheer her on......she just might make her goal of 5000 yet, by golly.

On the other hand, all of my rants, ruminations and self-revelations have garnered just one comment -  from my loyal pal, Ida....(bless her heart).  I am wondering...should I be depressed?

However,  I did notice that, when I wasn't looking, I did acquire 2 new fans in the persons of my brilliant and creative  friend Valerie (bless her heart) and my beloved and incomparable cousin, Steve (bless his heart) , so now I can proudly refer to my fan base of SEVEN (7).  Actually, I am NOT depressed because it is very obvious to me, upon reading the comments of some of those 1000, that I definitely have quality in my corner.  Bless you all!