Saturday, February 9, 2013

Forget Global Warming, Terrorism......It's the War Within that'll Do You In

Note:  My apologies if you think you are having deja vu and could swear that  you read this one before......actually, 4 of you have.

  Funny thing seems to have happened.  I posted this on 2/4 and then received the funny joke which I posted same day or on 2/5.  I did not realize this......thought this was the last post and for days have been checking this blog for reads and/or comments because.......well, because I always do.  I knows this wasn't the best stuff I ever wrote, but when only 3 people show up to read my words I am upset, confounded and demoralized......also pissed off.  Finally, I could stand it no longer and asked my blessed follower, Bobbie Howder of  "Cottlestone Pie", to take a look and see if the damned thing had disappeared or was visible only to my eyes. 
When she reported that she had trouble finding it among previous posts, I suddenly realized what had happened.    Everyone reads the latest entry.....hardly anyone goes back to see if they missed the previous one.  I had neatly stepped on my own punch line....or something.

Sooooo......being a skinflint who wastes nothing, particularly not a batch of good words, I am presenting this post again, as if I had just hatched it.  You may or may not like it, but, dammit, I intend to make you choose.


So here I sat slurping my breakfast Mocha Cappucchino the other day, snickering at a news item revealing the downfall of yet another politician who could not keep his mind out of his pants (or out of some female's pants).  It seems that the Lt. Governor of the great state of Nebraska was forced to resign in shame when it was discovered that he was using his state-govt. issued cell phone for non-state purposes like phoning some 4000 women during just the last month.  

Well.......I first glance, misusing your state issued cell phone for personal reasons does not seem to be an act warranting severe punishment.......maybe take away his parking space for a few months.....but, coupled with the use to which he put the instrument, it becomes a heinous crime indeed. Hmmmmm......4000 phone calls to leads one to wonder when did he have time to do any work for the State of Nebraska?

When I told my beloved caregiver, Ann, about this newest evidence (that suggests if we want political servants to keep their minds on their jobs we should probably have a law that demands that they be castrated before they are allowed to take office) she shook her head in exasperation.

 "Oh, how could he be so stupid?", she said.    And then a flash of brilliance struck me.  "No, no", I replied, "stupidity has nothing to do with it.    He just lost the battle within."  

The poor fool  may or may not  be a bit short on intelligence, but that is neither here nor there......he certainly was a total wimp and abysmal failure when it came to his ability to fight lust with any kind of thought or better judgment.   He simply became the victim of his own internal war.......the war between the Intellect and the Emotions.  Now, the Intellect is a noble and fantastic instrument but it has no feelings of its own and hence no real weapons to fight the flames of burning desire.....or whatever.  How often does common sense and logic ever win the big ones?

You must understand, we are talking about intelligence not the gross organ known as the brain....I  have heard several interesting things about the brain here and there but I am not completely sure that intelligence lives there. (There may be a whole other blog about that one of these days.)  I seem to remember reading that brain tissue itself does not feel pain,  but if you stimulate or poke the brain in certain places you get a reaction like, for instance, your left leg will inadvertently fly up due to activating  a particular nerve.....those are a totally different kind of feelings than we are talking about.   But of course, you all know that.    Ah, but, I seem to be wandering a bit, aren't I?.......

  To get back to the point  the feelings responsible for all of the joy and all of the misery and everything in between are located elsewhere.   Somewhere vaguely in the middle of us, perhaps next to the liver,  is that unconfined, huge, tangled, all powerful mass of conflicting emotions which writhes and wrestles with itself almost constantly, and which has  no intellect at all.  None.  And no respect for it either.   And the saddest part of all is that therein resides not only Lust and the Seven Deadlies but Fear and Shame and of course Guilt, all of which are often much stronger than our finer emotions such as Love.  

Incidentally, speaking of love, there is a post script to the article mentioning  that the Lt. Gov's wife, of I don't remember how many years, upon learning the lurid, horrid facts, had just filed for Divorce.  Some stand by their man and some run.......feelings again.

So here is a ordinary man, probably no better or not much worse than most, who threw away his marriage, his job and possibly his career (though in politics you never know) because he let the cravings to talk dirty to 4000 women triumph not only over his intellect, but over everything.     Tsk.

And isn't this the story of us all?  Not that we all fall victim to lust, but often to fear, shame, guilt or, worse yet, the treacherous, insatiable need for instant gratification from chocolate.......we are all so pitifully vulnerable to the forces of Emotion and so incredibly adept  at resisting the interference of the Intellect, our own good sense and our nobler selves.......What chance has the human race got at all when sometimes we just gotta  be bad, bad, BAD?

And, no, I do not have the answer.......just the question.  Sorry about that.   Some days, I'm bad too.