Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Strip Tease Continues

I have no idea whether anyone cares, but I have finally been inspired to create a Bloggers Biography.  For those who know me there may or may not be some nugget therein which you didn't know about me and, for those who are just getting to know me,  there may be a fact or two there that would explain some of my is not precisely what I mean but I will leave it because it looks like a wonderful word that should exist even though it doesn't........what I meant to say, of course, was "idiosynchrasies".

I noticed that the Bio page had been referenced 60 some times.......hmmmm.....who were all those folks who wanted to check me out and went away mad?????  Or, was it you loyal faithful few who kept checking to see if the day would come when I would finally be brave enough to describe myself in my own words?  Well, perhaps another 60 will wander by and stay now that I have added some meat to the bare bones.  And, then again, perhaps the next 60 will run screaming from the site, fearful of being contaminated with my insidious madness.  Only time will tell.