Friday, December 18, 2009

No, I Have Not Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge....It's Bloggers' Block

After getting off to a flying start and getting everyone accustomed to nearly daily blogs, I have encountered a really stubborn dry patch......I didn't give much thought to it (after all, I never signed a contract or anything) till a friend wrote and anxiously but delicately asked if I was OK. Hell, I forgot that at my advanced age an interruption in the flow could be interpreted as a dismal sign so I figured I had better get back on the keyboard and assure everyone (all 5 of you) that I am still alive and kicking....just totally uninspired for the moment. I have discovered that one cannot blog without least I can't. When the Muse is with me I can drivel on interminably, but when she is off inspiring other bloggers I might as well be just another illiterate.

Since I take this here blogging very seriously I decided that, perhaps during my "duh" spells I should simply upload a few family photos or some of my scribble drawings to fill the void.

The photo above was taken in Paris a few years ago.....I was on the stairway that leads DOWN from Sacre Coeur (sp?) in Montmarte.   (top photo )   I say "down" because for me the only way to go UP is on the tram....I can barely totter my way down the endless flights but it is a wonderful view as one totters.

I am struggling a bit finding photos which more or less go together and placing them where I want them on the page.  I am still a blooming idiot at using the blogging tools but I shall keep trying.

This is my marvelous British friend, Anne Briscoe, who met me in Nice, France and shared a fantastic apartment which we rented in the Old Town section.  It is my favorite way of travelling......makes you feel as though you actually live in the place, and indeed you do for the week or two that you have made the arrangement.  Heaven !  This apartment was fabulous....the only trouble was that Anne, rather than occupy  one of the twin beds in bedroom #2 with my other friend, Judy, chose to opt for the sleeper couch in the living room and we learned that it wasn't till the final days of our stay that she learned how to unfold it to sleep on it properly.  Sigh.

At the right is a shot I took from our apartment balcony of the buildings across the square........I found the TV antennas almost a work of art.  We had gorgeous views of the Square below in Olde Town........I hope I can find some of them to include them in this entry. 

The photo below is not the one I was looking for, but it was a view from our balcony and shows the wonderful wrought iron balcony railings which drove me mad with pleasure.  I often sat on the little balcony with my morning coffee and croissant wondering what I had ever done to be so damned lucky.

I am going to take a break now from  these reminiscences but I will finish up with a photo of one of Anne's odd meals.  At the time she was on a diet of mostly raw vegetables and, while Judy and I sat and gorged ourselves on Pate and Brie cheese, Anne dutifully munched her way through mountains of colorful but rather boring veggies.  Oh, the pity of it.

Ah, yes....there they are.............We generally made breakfast in the apartment and sometimes had lunch there as well after browsing our way through the local markets.

If I could work some magic and do it again just as it was I would do it in a twinkling.....of course, I haven't mentioned that our apartment was on the 3rd...or was it the 4th floor of a non-elevator building......I might possibly opt to change that part if I could........