Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's All The Fuss About Sex - Part 2

And then we have what one might call the DIY Guy.

The following blog is stolen from two wonderful bloggers.....Ms. Yvonne of Yo' Momma's Blog, guesting on Kristene's, The Mouthy Housewives.  I was going to use just excerpts but the whole is so splenderiferous I  am just including the whole thing.

Hold on to your lattes, ladies, because we’ve got a guest Mouthy Housewife on deck today. Miss Yvonne of Yo Mama’s Blog is bringin’ the sass, the spunk, and the spumante! (I hope, anyway. What else am I going to do with all of this orange juice?) She makes me laugh on the regular with her no-holds-barred humor, and really knows how to pull off a mustache. So, without further ado, let’s hear what Miss Yvonne has to say about jerking off! –Kristine

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My Boyfriend Prefers His Hand Over Me!

My boyfriend is masturbating when I am home.  We have sex
2-3 times a week, and he knows I want more than that, but he still sometimes chooses to masturbate. Is there something wrong with our relationship where he won’t come to me instead?

Don’t get me wrong: I know guys masturbate, and it doesn’t bother me if he does it when I’m “not available” so to speak, but sometimes this interferes with our sex life. I’ll try to initiate and he won’t get hard, or I won’t be able to get him off because he’s already relieved himself. This makes me feel incredibly inadequate.

I’ve told him specifically how him masturbating with me in the next room, awake, and willing, hurts my feelings, but that doesn’t seem to matter. I don’t want to live my life feeling inadequate for the man I love. What should I do?


Sexually Frustrated


Dear Sexually Frustrated,

First let me say that I feel your pain, as can most women at some point in their lives. You are not alone in your feelings of inadequacy, but take heart because all is not lost.

Based on your email, I’m assuming that your boyfriend is fairly open with you about his masturbating, ummm…schedule. This is a good sign. This means he feels comfortable with you knowing that he’s in the other room wanking it. He’s not hiding it or feeling ashamed of what he is doing. This bodes well for your relationship and probably means he’s not in there watching some kind of deviant porn or having phone sex.

I know it hurts when your man seems more interested in his hand than you. But it isn’t about you. It’s about him, getting his rocks off quickly without having to engage in foreplay or worrying about if he’s going to be able to get you off before he’s done. It doesn’t mean he wants to cheat on you, doesn’t love you or doesn’t find you sexually attractive. In fact, since you’re doing it 2-3 times per week, I would say it’s the exact opposite.

As long as you have a great relationship in all other aspects, he’s not isolating himself from you and doesn’t jerk off more than once or twice a day, then things are probably okay. Try to remember that men just aren’t as evolved as women (apologies to my husband). They think about food, sex and cars…not necessarily in that order…with a bit of work, family, and miscellaneous thrown in there. They don’t obsess over things like we do. What I’m saying is that sometimes a wank is just a wank.

Now, if having sex 2-3 times a week is just not cutting it for you (ah, I remember those days), then maybe you need to step up your game. Take the reins, mama! Initiate a quickie before getting ready for work in the morning. Send him flirty text messages during the day telling him you can’t wait to get home and do naughty things to him. Dress up as his favorite fantasy character (Princess Leia in the gold bikini anyone?). If he watches porn (of course he does), ask him to watch some with you in bed.

And if that doesn’t work, tell him you’ll give him more blow jobs if he stops jerking off so much. Works for me, every time.


Miss Yvonne, Guest TMH


Well, that is all I have collected to say about the subject of sex right now.  If you do not agree with me that all of our public attitudes about this subject are insane, then I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.  Meanwhile, have fun y'all out there in whatever way you chose.......I suppose it would be redundant or just plain  crude to say "fuck 'em all" to anyone who objects.........

What's All This Fuss About Sex - Part 1

Dearest readers.....once again I have lost control of the way my words are presented to you on this blog.......everything looks fine when I am working on the draft but as soon as I hit "Publish"  several phrases are flung into the middle totally out of context.....Ihave tried everything I can think of to make things right to no avail. I think I have offended the propriety of the blog Gods who must be from the previous century or something.  Anyway......I have worked to hard on this endless piece of shit/brilliance to give up, so you will just have to pick your way over the extraneous lines and slog onward.

 I  have an idea that paart of my trouble is that this blog iis just woo long so I have split it into two parts.
Good luck darlings.  Love, Lo
I cannot believe that it has been a whole month that I have been mulling over several posts by other bloggers which dealt, one way or the other, with the subject of SEX.  I have been trying to organize my own thoughts into some kind of coherent rant......but it is 30 days.  I even made a note of it in the draft I started, inspired by the fabulous  Mary Brewster of "MurrMurrs", the incredible Ms. Yvonne of "YO Momma's Blog", and the talented person who does "Mouthy Housewives".........and I seem to be no closer to publishing than I was when the notion first hit me.  Hence, please forgive if the following words shock,  confabulate,  confuse or downright disgust you.  I am only human, a mere mortal, so you can complain to me if you like,  but please blame either the Creator or Darwin, depending on which way you bend......oops....I mean that in the most dignified sense.

January 12, 2012 9:22 AM          (Murmurrs  ........D'Oh, A Deer)

re Murr Brewster's post on Jan. 12th  which deals with the honorable (?)  Senator Inhofe and his attitudes toward homosexuality and bestiality.....some hint or reference that he is partial to sheep in an unmentionable  way.....and I say, what if he likes  sheep when he can't have his first or second choice?......if the sheep doesn't mind, who is being hurt, I ask you?)....

She also highlights a newspaper article about a man who was arrested (briefly) for having sex with a dead deer on a public road.....yes,   ....roadkill....I think they had to release him when they could not find what law he broke.....maybe just indecent public behavior?  If a man violates a dead deer on a public road and no one sees him but the police is he really contributing to immorality?

I am baffled by some of these weird attitudes about our sexuality.   (I speak honestly as one who , from a young age into not quite my dotage, was known to be One Hot Cookie and resented any critical connotation given to that term.)   I feel we have been burdened  with a too strong dosage of the sex urge as far as I can see.   If you believe in Intelligent Design, then it is perfectly obvious that the Creator made a real blunder.  If you lean toward the Theory of Evolution, then it appears we have not evolved sexually hardly at all, at all.......barely enough to keep up with the ability to stand  upright, walk on just the hind legs and use some primitive tools.   We certainly have not managed to evolve our uncontrolled sexual behavior to suit rational human  needs or at least to keep pace with the level of development of creatures who have learned to use tools as sophisticated as computers, Ipads, Ipods, cellphones and a dozen or more remotes....whatever.

It may have been preplanned initially as necessary for the survival of the species, but it sure as hell has ended up as nothing but a source of agonizingly brief ecstasy and  endless unsatisfied craving, yearning, distraction  and a feeling of general perpetual deprivation and often disappointment.   I guess the logical thinking was that, since the ecstasy is so relatively brief compared to the effort to achieve it,  people would not bother about the activity so much unless they really, truly wanted children or wanted to do something nice for each other on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.    Ha!   Sure.

  That just shows that, whoever or whatever force made  us (possibly Mr. Spock, all intelligence, logic and no emotions), after fashioning the most amazing, unbelievably incredible and complicated physical entity and endowing it with a brain to put other computers to shame, simply did not understand what harm and damage was  being wrought when, at the last moment a handful of assorted incompatible powerful feelings including (but not limited to)  sexual cravings was flung into the mix.  Out went logic and in flounced madness and 4,328 kinds of insanity.  Pity.  All that promising work for nothing.      Like a culinary masterpiece of a dish spoiled by a pinch too much of salt.   

And even worse than our often undignified  sexual behavior is the hypocracy that surounds and totally obfuscates the reality of our true was bad enough when only the upholders of various religious beliefs got into the act, but now that the entire political field is being exposed as in sexual weirdness out in the open and in front of the media and all of us, I feel like I am adrift on a stormy sea.  Are infidelity,  masturbation and bestiality as bad as what priests and general lechers do to little boys and girls?

What the hell difference does it make if a person has sex with one's pink vibrator, one's significant other who happens to have the appropriate protruberences and/or orifices,  a sheep or a ripe looking pumpkin in a field somewhere?
No, no, I do not joke here...... there is a man I read about in a newspaper article on another one of these here blogs ( I think it was Dr. Grumpy, that incredibly brilliant and humorous blogger).......a man  who was arrested one night having his way with a pumpkin in a pumpkin field, and who explained to the officers that. as  he was driving home past the field, he was suddenly  aroused by the sight of all of those round rumps in the moonlight and, visualizing  the consistency of the center of a pumpkin, was absolutely compelled to stop the car, leap out  and have sexual congress with the nearest one.  Makes sense to me.

I have heard many times that men think about sex approximately every 13 seconds (or was it 23?) and I can vouch for the fact that  many oversexed young women may not be far behind, but most women, I believe,  do outgrow that eventually due hormonal changes and to the aging of their relevant parts while men, regardless of whether their sexual equipment ages or not, do not seem to ever get their needs, their hormones or perhaps their fantasies adjusted.  And on the 8th day....... came Viagra.

******    This will be continued in the next blog....part 2