Friday, April 4, 2014

Dammit, It's Too Late to Change It Now

I just realized that I really should have named this blog, "It's Just One Damned SPFing Thing After Another",

Oh well, the original is shorter and means pretty much the same thing.

Yes, this is your  beloved, whining, snivelling, kvetching but at least less frequent blogger writing to report yet another indignity which  has been heaped upon me.  I have rceived notice from General Motors that I am one of the 2 million (or is it 20 million?)  owners of cars produced by them with a faulty ignition mechanism.  Hell, did they just find this out?  I could have told thenm about this months ago after struggling one day out of 3 to get the ignition in my dear little Saturn to turn on.  I should fret not though,  because they intend to replace the faulty switch at absolutely no cost to me.  Only trouble is.....well, it seems that they have run out of that part and it is on backorder.  As soon as it is available they will let me know so I can rush my car to the nearest dealership.  I think that means, "Don't call us, we'll call you."  And of course, we all know I ain"t getting any how many mnore times will Florence and I get stuck in the driveway or in some parking lot before my number comes up?  Does anyone care to start a lottey on that?

And, oh yes, did I mention that the raccoons chewed thru the piping on my pool solar panels again causing a  total malfunction? However, this time I came up with a solution.  Since I cannot use the pool until June even with the solar heating, I simply shut off the circulation to the solar system......I mean the solar heating system.....that other phrase endows me with way too much power.  I am actually feeling like the world's greatest dumbkopff because I should have thought of this 10 years ago  OR the solar company should have advised me to Winterize my system every year till things get more favorable for swimming.  Ah, is so hard to get good help anymore, isn 't it

By the way, did I tell you about the fun and games we had last week when the huge upright freezer I have in the garage stuffed to the gills with meat, fish veggies,tortillas, bageks and homemade soups suddenly fell silent and began to leak copious amount of defrost water like Hoover Dam giving way?  Hardly anything fills a pennypinching cook's heart with more dread that the threat of having to deposit  into the garbage (or cook immediately and subsequently eat ) a turkey, two 4 lb, corned beefs (beeves?), several lbs. of  chicken filets, 3 frozen pizzas, a cauldron of Tuscan Bean Soup.....I could go on, but yoou get the idea.......I feel faint at the very thought.......When this happens it usually requires piece by piece unloading of the contents and then 5,350 trips carrying drippping parcels across the street to Marge's to try to cram my disreputable bundles into her freezer and then, of course, the whole exhausting process in reverse once my freezer is once again opertional.  Fortunately, this time I ws able to dispose of some stuff that was overdue for discarding and I was able to cram most of the stuff into my own frig freezer preventing the need for those awful  hobbling trips back and forth.    And, even better, after the garage freezer was allowed to shed all of its ice buildup and sit there panting for a while it agreed to start up and begin freezing again.  Oh, hallelujah!  I am truly blessed.

So, in case you have been wondering what kind of trouble I have been getting into on upper Califa St, now you know.   As I have been known to mutter from time to time, "It's Always......well, you know.

Love, Lo