Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hall of Shame - chapter 2

This damned blogging thing is certainly a bittersweet blessing/curse.  After baring my soul about my shameful addiction to  Twizzlers the other day I found myself waking up at 4 am that nite, wide awake with a head full of other items on my List of Shame that I wanted to try to write about.  Oddly, my initial dread at revealing my low class, nay,  disgusting tastes when Happy Frog  (  )first tagged me with this meme, morphed somehow into the insistent need to bare all and perhaps test the fortitude of my buddies with my most revolting hidden pleasures and loathings.  I could not go back to sleep until I had created a draft blog with some keywords and phrases to preserve all those gleaming tho' heavily tarnished images that had bubbled up in my brain.

Now that I am actually in the process of continuing this virtual strip tease I am a teensy bit less gung-ho about it, but still enthused enough  to drop a bra strap and wiggle my fanny tassels provocatively. ( If anyone is foolish enough to want to conjure up actual images, I suggest you mentally download the 30 year old Lo ( still sexy as hell) rather than the current one......she is still around here somewhere.........I hear her whisper to me often to remind me of the details of good times gone by.)

Well....... anyway,  to continue with those hidden delights that nourish my soul......things that I would gladly kill about books and literature?  Coming from a person who once beat her head against the nearest wall in despair when she realized she would never be able to read every book ever written, it should be a consummate laffer to learn that, were I stranded on a Desert Island, I would not cry out for Proust, Kafka, Tolstoy or them all........borrrrring........just deliver the complete works of Robert Parker (Spenser for Hire), Gerald Durrell (My Family and Other Animals) and the incomparable and delightful poet, Ogden Nash, who distilled seduction down to 7 words...."Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker".

Can you stand any more?    Well, perhaps I will deliver one more blow to my previously admirable image.  Take this, you gluttons for punishment!

Movies that I can watch over and over and which I put on when I am in need of cheer or inspiration:

Enchanted April, Shirley Valentine, Scent of a Woman. Pete Kelly's Blues.  (and almost any Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers extravaganza....hell, you not only get great dancing, but some of the best music ever written).

I must confess that I am limp and totally used up by all these confessions, but I see that I have made considerable progress at revealing more of the worst/best of me.  I am not sure how much more of this I have to do to satisfy the requirements of Happy Frog's tag, but, very likely, now that I have begun I won't be able to shut my mouth and stop, so do tune in for the next thrilling installment of  "Things You May or May Not Have Wanted to Know About Lo".